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Olpin Group - Here for you

Olpin Group is here to help you with speciality storage solutions

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Olpin Group Capabilities (1m 28sec)

Learn about us - you might be surprised at ALL of the services  we provide!

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Overview of What We Do (2m 51sec)

How we serve a wide variety of clients – City of Temecula highlighted

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Olpin Group Services

From Project Coordination to Installation to Asset Tracking, we are a turnkey operation

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Asset Management

Protect, manage, and control your storage, workspace, and material handling systems

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Professional Auto Transport (1m 42sec)

This transport company resolved work comp issues and tires being compromised by stacking

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Automated Tire Storage (1m 58sec)

The space saving and automated features and benefits of the vertical tire carousel

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Thompson Automotive (4m 45sec)

A high-volume operation resolved inventory control and accessibility issues with a vertical carousel

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Overhead Tire Storage (46sec)

Tire storage made easy by using overhead space; simple retrieval by lowering tire to operator

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Subaru of New England (4m 31sec)

High Volume distributor of car parts can now pick 60 orders at a time with their nine Vertical Lift units

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Automotive Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions from shelving to carousels to mezzanines for optimizing your departments’ productivity

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image (6)

Plug&Move from Aurora Storage

With minimal effort, the patented PLUG&MOVE box retro-fits to your existing hand-cranked shelving and converts it to a system that lets you access any record with the touch of a button. 

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Rousseau-Automotive Catalog

132-page catalog with complete storage solutions for your parts & service departments

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Brochure-Rousseau-Automotive Service Storage Equipment
Automotive Service Bays-Rousseau

Build your own service bay for automotive service and storage of equipment

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Automotive Storage Rack-Rousseau

Customize your rack layout for storage of bumpers, batteries, tires, hoods, boxes, etc.

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Brochure-Rousseau-Service Advisor Desk
Service Advisor Desk-Rousseau

The desk to make service advisors’ tasks easier and more enjoyable, mobile options available

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Automotive Storage Solutions-Aurora

Storage Solutions for Sales Offices, Service and Parts Areas
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City of Hope Research Center (3m 22sec)

City of Hope installs 185 flexible and mobile workstations in 1 day for a 3-year research project

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Flexible Furniture (1m)

A college tests Swiftspace’s mobile workstations to see if they can adapt to multiple uses - with success!

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Mobile Flu Stations-Swiftspace (59sec)

A healthcare provider needed mobile workstations that were easily transportable to provide flu shots for clients

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Video-Shape Workstation Configurations-sit-stand desk
Swiftspace Sit-Stand Workstation (1m 52sec)

Flexible “Shape” workstations shown in multiple configurations highlighting their flexibility

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Video-Victor Valley College
Victor Valley College (2m 50sec)

New Student Services Center uses Swiftspace's mobile furniture to take advantage of the mobility and flexibility to reconfigure their space

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Swiftspace-Solo Workstation (1m 11sec)

“Solo” workstation configurations showcasing their mobility and design flexibility

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Swiftspace Foresight Benching (1m 32sec)

“Foresight” Benching shown in multiple configurations for workspace use

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Swiftspace Workstation Install-Time Lapse (1m)

See 8 workstations installed in under 5’30” showcasing easy roll-out and set-up. Swiftspace Solo.

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Why Foldable Furniture? (2m 14sec)

Swiftspace workstations allow quick reconfiguration of office spaces without the high cost of moving traditional workstations

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Video-Foresight Benching Installation

Foresight Benching Time Lapse (1m 09sec)

See time lapse installation for Swiftspace foresight benching in under 12 minutes – easy set up!

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Video-Foresight Benching configurations

Foresight Benching Animation (2m 12sec)

Benching Set up animation – no professional installation needed - simple set up and take down. Swiftspace.

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Videos-Mobile Meeting Room

Mobile Meeting Room (2m 15sec)

A simple solution for collaborative environments for employees to meet together; mobile and easy set up. Swiftspace Rendezvous.

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Video-How Swiftspace pays for itself

How Swiftspace Pays for Itself (1m 22sec)

A Company’s $25K investment paid for itself in 6 months by reducing real estate and labor costs

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Video-Swiftspace-Mobile Office  Setup

Swiftspace Mobile Meeting Room Setup (2m 08sec)

Roll out and set up a multi-purpose mobile meeting room within minutes or use as a private office

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Brochure_Swiftspace Adjust Workstations

Swiftspace Adjust Workstations

Adjustable workstations that rise from 26” to 48” in height; collapsible to 15% of original size

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Brochure_Swiftspace DOS Meeting Room

Swiftspace-DOS Meeting Room

A comfortable and convenient mobile meeting room for two; removable canopy and sound dampening panels

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Brochure_Swiftspace DUO Meeting Room

Swiftspace-DUO Meeting Room

A comfortable and convenient mobile meeting room for two; can be paired for more seating

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Brochure-Swiftspace-Emergency Response

Swiftspace-Emergency Healthcare

Collapsibility, mobility, and ease of set up allow for patient separation, privacy, and emergency set ups

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Brochure-Swiftspace-Flip Workstations

Swiftspace-Flip Workstations

Change from a private to collaborative workspace with just a flip; no tools required

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Brochure-Swiftspace-Foresight Benching

Swiftspace-Foresight Benching

Mobile all-in-one unfolding benching; easy to reconfigure, stores at 15% of its original size

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Brochure-Swiftspace-Fused Workstations

Swiftspace-Fused Workstations

Configure your workstation immediately; easily reconfigure, permanent workstations for any office

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Brochure-Swiftspace-Shape Workstations

Swiftspace-Shape Workbenches

Simple worktable/workstation that configures immediately; varied uses, customizable, stores at 15% of original size

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Brochure-Swiftspace-Rendezvous Meeting Space

Swiftspace-Rendezvous Meeting Space

Mobile all-in-one unfolding meeting space, customizable, stores at 15% of original size

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Brochure-Swiftspace-Shift Workstation

Swiftspace-Shift Workstations

Mobile all-in-one stations; configure and reconfigure easily, stores at 15% of its original size

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Brochure-Swiftspace-Solo Workstations

Swiftspace-Solo Workstations

Versatile and mobile all-in-one workstations; customizable, collapses to 15% of its original size

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Brochure-Swiftspace-Strata Workstation

Swiftspace-Strata Workstations

Customizable mobile or permanent workstations; optional adjustable height desk; easy to reconfigure

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Brochure-Swiftspace-Unify Work tables

Swiftsapce-Unify Worktables

Mobile worktables can be reconfigured between private and collaborative using optional privacy panels

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Catalog-Swiftspace-Resource Idea Book

Swiftspace-Idea Catalog

52-page resource for ideas on uses and configurations for several Swiftspace product lines

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Video-Labratory Solutions

Lab Solutions (1m 16sec)

Get the highest level of functionality in your lab build-out with modular casework

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Video-Lab Ergonomics

Lab Ergonomics (12min)

Organize your lab workstation for productivity and comfort

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Video-Modular Cabinetry

Modular Cabinetry (58sec)

Modular cabinetry delivers the flexibility to repurpose and transform function as needs change for an education facility

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Video-Rotary Storage Cabinet

Rotary Storage (54sec)

A growing HR dept condensed all of their files into Rotary Storage providing the space needed to expand

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Video-Rotary Storage-Aurora

Rotary Storage (1m 09sec)

The dual sided alternative to standard lateral files holding as much as 3-lateral files in less space

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Video-Local Install BioTech lab

Lab Workbench System (1m 05sec)

A local laboratory installs a lab with the installation of workbenches with slat railings, anti-static work surfaces, and enclosed cabinetry

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Video-Organizing the Workspace

Organizing the Workspace (1m 37sec)

Using Rotary Cabinets and high capacity shelving to fit more in smaller spaces

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Video-Changing Workspaces

Changing Workspaces (4m 59sec)

Modular Millwork is designed to change readily with constantly changing needs in your active work room interiors

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Video-Rotary Storage-Aurora

Rotary Storage Animation (43sec)

See a messy office organized by rotary storage units

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Video-Rousseau R2V Vertical Cabinets

Rousseau-Vertical Storage (1m 34sec)

Well-organized storage always within reach and reclaims floor space

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Video-Rousseau-Tekzone Hutch Cabinet

Rousseau-Tekzone Hutch (1m 30sec)

Create a custom workstation optimized for your needs with all tools at your fingertips

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Video-Rousseau-Auto Service Departments

Rousseau-Service Departments (2m 59sec)

Many configurations and accessories to build your workstation according to your needs

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Video-Rousseau R-GO Motorized Toolbox

Rousseau-Motorized Toolbox (51sec)

Effortless and safe transportation over long distances with the R-Go Motorized Toolbox

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Brochure-Aurora-Times 2 Rotary Cabinets

Aurora-Times-2 Rotary Cabinets

The space-saving dual-sided alternative to lateral cabinets

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Aurora-Gloss Tek Antimicrobial Finish

Aurora-Antimicrobial Power Coat

Shelving and Cabinet Powder Coat for Aurora products that suppresses bacteria, fungus, mold, etc.

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Brochure-Aurora-Color Chart 2019

Aurora-Color Chart

Shelving and Cabinet Color Selector for Aurora products that are eco-friendly and available in antimicrobial finish

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Brochure-Aurora-Times 2-Industrial Storage 2015

Aurora-Industrial Rotary Cabinets

The space-saving dual-sided cabinet keeps manufacturing materials and shop tools close at hand

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Brochure-Aurora-Times 2- 2020 Planning Guide

Aurora-Rotary Cabinet Planning Guide

Multiple applications for all types of uses and media using various accessories and space planning

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Brochure-Aurora-Healthcare Solutions

Aurora-Healthcare Storage Solutions

Specialty storage systems for Pharmacies, Medical supply rooms, Staff libraries and waiting rooms

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Brochure-Pegasus Modular Systems-healthcare

Pegasus-Modular Systems

A modular system of trays and baskets for storage, handling and moving healthcare supplies

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Brochure-IOPC-Labs Overview

Lab Overview-Modular Millwork

A modular casework design that enables superior ergonomics and workflow productivity for lab interiors

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Brochure-Aurora-Flat File

Aurora-Flat Files

Heavy Duty Flat Files with smooth drawer interiors to protect stored materials; various sizes and accessories

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Brochure-IOPC-2020 Finishes

Finishes - Modular Millwork

Explore standard finishes for laminates, edges and steel frames including bactericidal surfacing for horizontal surfaces

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Brochure-IOPC MultiSort Mail Centers

Multisort Mail Centers-Modular Millwork

Designed for active mail and distribution centers to organize mail and document activity in one central location

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Brochure_Rousseau StackNStore Mezzanine

Cabinet Mezzanine-Rousseau

A stacking cabinet mezzanine, allows access to high-density storage on two levels

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Brochure-Rousseau-R Cabinet

Tool R-Cabinet-Rousseau

Heavy-duty cabinet, 400 pound drawer capacity; many configurations possible and multiple accessories to customize

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Brochure-Rousseau-TekZone Workstation Hutch

Tekzone Workstation Hutch-Rousseau

Create a spacious, personalized, and well-organized workstations; slide up door creates enclosed space

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Brochure-Rousseau-Modular Drawer Accessories

Modular Drawer Accessories-Rousseau

Modular Drawer accessories from catalog including partitions, labels, liners, bins, locking mechanisms, etc.

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Brochure-Rousseau-CNC Tool Storage

CNC Tool Storage-Rousseau

The CNC tool rack accommodates Taper, Straight, Sandvik Capto, HSK, KM and VDI Tools. Learn More.

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Brochure-Rousseau-Toolbox System

Toolbox System-Rousseau

A wide range of stationary and mobile toolboxes for all of your different needs

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Brochure-Rousseau-Workstation Systems

Workstations Systems-Rousseau

Customize your workstation with a multi-purpose frame that sits above the work surface

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Brochure-Rousseau-WS-WM Work centers

Work Centers-Rousseau

Completely customizable with a wide variety of dimensions, materials, and accessories for a tailored workspace

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Brochure-Rousseau-R2V Vertical Storage

R2V Vertical Tool Storage-Rousseau

Make use of vertical space above cabinets; drawers open to maximum extension; 200lb drawer capacity

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Brochure-Rousseau-Basic Workbench

Basic Workbench-Rousseau

Rousseau Catalog:  Preconfigured models, components, and general dimensions 

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Brochure-Rousseau-Adjustable Workbench

Adjustable Workbench-Rousseau

Work sitting up or standing down, height adjustable from 30” to 42”; specifications included

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Brochure-Rousseau-RGO Motorized Toolbox

The Motorized Toolbox-Rousseau

Provides safe transport over long distances; reduces injury risks and easy to use

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Brochure-Rousseau-Multitek Cart Automotive

Automotive Multitek Cart-Rousseau

Mobile cart that is small, light and highly maneuverable; keeps your tools at hand; automotive uses

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Brochure-Rousseau-Multitek Cart

Multitek Cart-Rousseau

A mobile cart that is small, light and highly maneuverable; keeps your tools at hand

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Brochure-Technibilt-Multipick Cart

Multi-pick Cart-Technibilt

Heavy-duty steel construction, maximum maneuverability, corner bumpers, 1,000 lb. capacity plus more features

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Brochure-Technibilt-SmallCell Round Post Shelving

Wire Carts for Healthcare-Technibilt

Easy to custom configure with multiple wire basket configurations and accessories; baskets plated in hospital-grade Chrome

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Pegasus_Ecoline-Procedure Carts

Medical Procedure Carts-Pegasus

Mobile carts and trolleys with multiple accessories for medication and hospital supply management

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Brochure-Amigo Motorized Carts

Motorized Platforms-Amigo

3 Models of motorized platforms and options

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Brochure-Amigo Product Guide

Motorized Platform Product Guide-Amigo

Weight capacity, specifications, and accessories for mobile platforms

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Brochure-Rousseau-R-Go Motorized Platform

Motorized Platform-Rousseau

For effortless transportation of heavy loads; easily install your toolbox on the platform

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Video-Public Safety Storage Solutions

Public Safety Storage Solutions (1m 20sec)

Solve your growing department storage issues by maximizing your space with these systems

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Brochure -Public Safety

Public Safety Storage Solutions

Bringing you the ideal storage solutions for gear, weapons, evidence, data records, supplies and equipment

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Video-Healthcare storage solutions

Heathcare Storage Solutions (1m 40sec)

Overall space constraints and high costs can be overcome with organizational storage solutions

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Video-Vidir Bed Lifts

Hospital Bedlift (1m 37sec)

See how using vertical storage technology to store beds  allows five (5) beds to be stored in the space of one (1). Vidir.

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Video-Wall Lift for Wheelchairs

Motorized Wheelchair Lift-LiftNStore (20sec)

Neatly store wheelchairs using upper and lower wall space

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Healthcare - Space Optimization

Control operational costs with solutions that create efficiency with inventory, space, and people

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Brochure-Vidir-Hospital Bedlift

Hospital Bedlifts - Vidir

Conserve valuable floor space by vertically stacking 5 beds in the space of 1 bed with automated bed lifts

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Brochure-IOPC Lab Solutions

Lab Solutions-Modular Millwork

Versatile, modular casework that is designed to address the ever-changing demands of the modern lab

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Brochure-Sedia-Healthcare Seating

Healthcare Seating-Sedia

Innovative fixed seating solutions for waiting rooms, corridors, patient rooms, nurse stations, etc.

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Brochure-Biofit-Healthcare Infection Seating

Seating for Healthcare-Biofit

Specialized durable seating designed specifically for healthcare and laboratory environments

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Brochure-LiftnStore-Wall Mounted Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair Storage Lift-LiftNStore

Utilize unused wall space to safely secure and store wheelchairs with a wall-mounted lift. Opens up floor space.

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Brochure-Rousseau-Healthcare Storage System

Healthcare Storage Systems-Rousseau

Improve inventory efficiency while storing more in a small space, ergonomic designs, and clean environment

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Videos-Material Handling Solutions

Material Handling Solutions (1m 33sec)

Save time and cost with racking systems and vertical lifts to maximize storage footprint and optimize picking

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Video-WPSS-Warehouse Shelving Solutions

Warehouse Shelving Systems (1m 40sec)

Maximize your organization efficiency and solve storage issues with shelving products and systems that will benefit your operations

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Video-Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions

Automated Storage and Retrieval (1m 44sec)

Maximize your warehouse storage with automated vertical storage and recover your floor space

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Video-Movable Shelving

Movable Shelving (1m 34sec)

When working and storage space is limited, high density movable shelving can recover floor space

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Video-Overhead Cage-Cart Storage

Overhead Cage/Cart Storage-LiftNStore (27sec)

Using overhead space store inventory, supplies and equipment in secured carts or cages

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16-9 crop Video-Automated Wall Storage

Automated Wall Storage (1m 13sec)

Inventory is stored on unused upper wall space and delivered at ergonomic height to the user

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Video-Movable Grow Lighting-Cannabis

Overhead Movable Lighting (1m 42sec)

See how movable lighting helps achieve maximum cannabis growth

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Video-LiftNStore_overhead lifts general

Overhead and Wall Storage-LiftNStore (3m 24sec)

Overhead lifts and wall mounted storage for garments, carts, and secure cages

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Video-Verticle Lift Module

Vertical Lift Module Benefits (46sec)

Animation shows how a lift can recover up to 90% of your storage space

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Modula-One Pick- Verticle Lift

OnePick Lift Module-Modula (1m 39sec)

Without any operator handling, the automated “OnePick” Lift retrieves and stores materials with zero picking errors

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Video-Modula Slim

Slim Vertical Lift-Modula (1m 10sec)

The smallest vertical lift can have a huge impact on your storage operations

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Brochure Image-OG ASA-Material Handling

Material Handling Storage Optimization

Delivering collaborative design and workspace storage solutions for industrial environments

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Brochure-Spaceguard-Beastwire Driver Cage

Driver Access Cages

Control access to your warehouse floor, distribution centers and businesses and prevent accidents from visitors

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Brochure Image-OG Safeguard-Pallet Rack Safety

Pallet Rack Guarding

Use sturdy wire partitions to protect damage and injuries from falling objects and theft

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Brochure-Storage-Material Handling

Storage and Material Handling

Industrial storage using high-density, workstations, mezzanines, automated systems, shelving, and security cage solutions

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Brochure Image-SpaceGuard-FordLogan Wire Partitions

Woven Wire Partitions-Spaceguard

Specifications for triple-crimped diamond wire mesh enclosures, partitions, lockers, guarding

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Brochure-Spaceguard-Wire Partitions

Wire Mesh Partitions-Spaceguard

Use sturdy wire partitions’ flexible design to protect from theft of equipment, tooling, and finished goods

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Brochure-Panel Built-Interior Buildings

Modular Buildings-Panel Built

1, 2 and 3 story inplant offices that are reusable, re-locatable, and expandable

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Brochure-Panel Built-Cleanrooms

Clean and Isolation Rooms

Filtration can remove up to 99.9% of particulates in the air; meets ISO and Class grading scales

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Brochure-Vidir-Movable Shelving

Movable Shelving-Vidir

Double your storage capacity in the same footprint with movable shelving

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Brochure-Vidir-Sheet Metal VLS

Sheet Metal Lift-Vidir

Deposit and retrieve cartridges weighing up to 5,000 lbs. and delivers them at ground level

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Brochure-Vidir-Wire Carousel

Wire Carousel-Vidir

Stores wire, cable, and other spooled products; improves productivity with efficient picking

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Brochure-Vidir-Tire Carousel

Tire Carousel-Vidir

Recover up to 70% of floor space; store up to 352 tires in a single carousel

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Brochure-Vidir-shelving carousel

Shelving Carousel-Vidir

A semi/fully automated carousel with free-hanging carriers that deliver SKUs ergonomically to the operator

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Brochure-Vidir-Automated Day Use Locker

Automated Day Use Locker Carousel-Vidir

Locker delivered to user at ergonomic height, friendly user interface, remote monitoring, and report generation

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Brochure-Vidir-Automated Evidence Storage Locker

Automated Evidence Storage-Vidir

Automated delivery at ergonomic height, secure storage, and electronic documented Chain of Custody with usage logs

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Brochure-Automated Package Delivery Locker-1

Automated Package Delivery-Vidir

Automated package delivery and pickup lockers.  E-mail notifications to patrons when package arrives and report generation.

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Brochure-Vidir Garment Carousel

Garment Carousel-Vidir

Store up to 4,052 garments on a single standard carousel using vertical space with automated delivery

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Brochure-Vidir-Carpet Carousel

Carpet Carousel-Vidir

The motorized carousel delivers carpet rolls of various sizes to the user; stores 5-17 carpet rolls

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Brochure-Vidir-Paint Can Carousel

Paint Can Carousel-Vidir

Accommodates up to 1,148 one-gallon cans; security keypad prevents unauthorized use; vertical storage

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Brochure-Vidir Pan Carousel

Pan Carousel-Vidir

Fully automated storage system that can track inventory, provides more efficient SKU picking

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Brochure-Vidir-Textile Carousel

Textile Carousel-Vidir

Stores rolls of fabric and textiles using overhead space for storage; build to fit specifications

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Brochure-Vidir-Vinyl Carousel

Vinyl Carousel

Stores between 12-40 rolls of vinyl; ergonomic design, build-to-fit specifications

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Brochure-Vidir-Bar Stock Linear VLS

Bar Stock Shelving Carousel-Vidir

This carousel is designed for long light-weight aluminum or plastic extrusions; easy loading of bundle goods

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Brochure-LiftnGrow-Cannabis Hemp Lights

Movable Lighting-Lift and Grow

Designed for the Agriculture Industry to achieve optimum in-door plant growth, ideal for cannabis

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Brochure-Bike Storage Lift

Bike Storage Lift-LiftNStore

Utilize unused air space for secure and Safe Bike Storage; an automated lift delivers stored items to operator

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Brochure-LiftnStore-Commercial Tires Lift brochure

Tire Storage Lift-LiftNStore

Utilize unused air space for secure and safe tire Storage; an automated lift delivers stored items to operator

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Brochure-LiftnStore-Overhead Cart Storage

Overhead Cart Storage_ LiftNStore

Utilize unused air space to safely secure equipment and inventory; an automated lift delivers stored items to operator

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Brochure-LiftnStore-Clothes Storage

Overhead Clothes Storage_ LiftNStore

Utilize unused air space to safely and securely store garments and other inventory, freeing up valuable floor space

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"OnePick" Vertical Lift-Modula

The VLM that works without an operator using a fully automated picking bay; increases productivity, and flexibility

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Brochure-Modula Lift-automotive

Vertical Lift for Automotive-Modula

Uses for the VLM in the automotive industry: storing parts and components, saving time and inventory management

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Sintes1 Automated Lift-Modula

The Sintes1 automated vertical lift module is the ideal solution for lightweight products in small spaces

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Brochure-Modula-Aviation Aerospace

Aerospace-Vertical Lift Module-Modula

VLM design allows storage of small delicate parts to heavy weight equipment and manages inventory

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Brochure-Modula Lift1

Automated Vertical Lift-Modula

Recover space, increase productivity, improve ergonomics and flexibility with vertical automation

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Brochure -Modula-Robotics

Robotics Vertical Lift-Modula

Modula VLMs can interface with anthropomorphous robots using an interface kit

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"Slim" Vertical Lift-Modula

The “Slim” lift is the most compact in the industry giving complete VLM flexibility for smaller applications.

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VLM Software-Modula

A complete WMS software allows real-time warehouse management via PC interface

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Video-Tiffin Public Safety Lockers

Metal Lockers-Tiffin (4m 23sec)

Weapons, duty, evidence, and visitor lockers to meet rigorous demands of the public safety sectors and more

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Brochure-Penco Metal lockers

Metal Lockers-Penco Catalog

52-page catalog with full range of lockers, accessories, and specifications

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Metal Lockers-Perfix

Inviting state-of the-art metal body lockers with steel or laminate doors in variety of designs

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Brochure-Spaceguard-Wire Storage Lockers

Wire Storage Lockers-Spaceguard

Strong and durable wire lockers provide flexible onsite storage for tenants, employees, and military personnel

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Brochure-Bradley-Lenox Plastic Lockers

Lenox Plastic Lockers-Bradley

HDPE Solid Plastic Lockers: bench, cubby, gear, pedestal, XL Locker and Z-Lockers

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Brochure-Bradley-XL-Plastic Lockers

Lenox XL Plastic Lockers-Bradley

HDPE Solid Plastic long-lasting, extra deep lockers providing 30% more space

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Brochure-IOPC-Laminate Locker Solutions

Modular Locker Solutions-IOPC

Modular Millwork laminate lockers offer complete flexibility as interchangeable parts enable updating and unlimited reconfiguration

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Brochure-Bradley-Commercial Washroom


Commercial wash fountains, fixtures and accessories for restrooms, locker rooms, healthcare, emergency applications

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Brochure-Bradley-Industrial Washrooms

Commercial Washrooms-Bradley

In depth commercial washroom solutions for restrooms, locker rooms, healthcare, industrial and emergency applications

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Brochure-IOPC-APX Lockers

Automated Parcel Lockers-Modular Millwork

Created to remedy inefficiencies in distribution and receipt of deliverables with automated notification

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Brochure-tz-Smart Residential Lockers

TZ Smart Lockers-Residential Delivery

Automated locker systems for high-density tenant buildings allow electronic notification to patrons and tracks delivery/pickup

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Brochure-tz-Smart Day Lockers

TZ Smart Lockers-Day Use Lockers

Smart lockers allow multi-site remotely administered access control, with user notifications and audit trail functions

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Brochure-tz-Smart Lockers Package Management Lockers

TZ Smart Lockers-Mail Management

Smart package lockers automate labor intensive processes of package receipt, logging, and delivery, ensuring chain of custody

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Brochure -tz-Smart Lockers Door Lock

TZ Smart Lockers-Door Lock

A compact, lightweight, intelligent lock designed for security and access management of lockers

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Brochure-Becode  Keyless lock system

Keyless Lock Systems-BeCode

Comprehensive guide to digital locking systems for security management single or multiple user access described

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Brochure-Digilock-Aspire Numeris

Aspire Electronic Locks-Digilock

Secure your workspace lockers using single or shared use management with keypad or RFID controls

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Video-San Diego Archeological Museum

San Diego Archeological Center (3m 48sec)

Using Compactor Shelving an area’s storage capacity almost tripled, providing needed storage space for this archeological suppository

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Brochure-Museum Storage

Museum Storage and Preservation

Bringing you the right storage methods for the longevity and viability of your collection

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Brochure-Aurora Museum Storage Sol

Museum Storage Solutions-Aurora

Cabinet options and features for museum storage of artifacts to suit your space.

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Video-Seating that Fits you

Seating that Fits You-Biofit (3m 24sec)

Seating that is modular for all industries from lab to educational and clean room

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Video-Biofit UniqueU Seating

UniqueU Seating-Biofit (2m 11sec)

Full ergonomic supported seating that is tough, versatile with a classic industrial design made with self-skinned urethane

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Video-Biofit-Bimos Seating Collection

Bimos by Biofit Seating Collection (4m 57sec)

Office to industrial seating line which combines European ergonomic engineering with American strength and durability

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Video-Sedia-The Innovative Jumpseat

The Innovative Jumpseat-Sedia (2m 54sec)

An award winning unique, flat fold-up design that requires little space and ideal for multiple applications

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Video-Lecture Hall Seating

Lecture Hall Seating (2m 23sec)

Explores versatile, contemporary, and custom designed seating for lecture halls and classrooms

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Video-Auditorium Seating

Auditorium Seating

Showcases functional, compact, versatile, refined, sophisticated, streamlined seating for auditoriums

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Brochure-Sedia-Education Seating Solutions

Education Seating Solutions-Sedia

Innovative fixed seating solutions for lecture halls, auditoriums, libraries, and public spaces

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Brochure-Sedia-Space Max Auditorium Seating

Auditorium Seating-Sedia

The SpaceMax design folds up to just 7” deep and is ideal for lecture halls and auditoriums

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Jumpseat Seating-Sedia

Innovative seating design that supports up to 600 lbs. but nearly disappears when not in use

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Brochure-Biofit-Seating upholstery-2020 sheet

Upholstery and Color Guide-Biofit

Explore extensive collection of colors, fabrics, and vinyl to customize your seating. See also online.

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Brochure-Biofit-Ajax Stool-2020 sheet

Ajax Stool Series-Biofit

Durable stools for use in healthcare, laboratory, education, industrial, clean rooms

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Brochure Image-Biofit-Amherst Series-2020 sheet

Amherst Chair Series-Biofit

Chairs designed for use in clean rooms, static control/ESD, various work spaces

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Brochure-Biofit-Aramis and Vacuum  formed stools-2020 sheet

Aramis Stool Series-Biofit

Vacuum formed stools designed to be fluid and bacterial resistant, for use in healthcare, laboratory, education, industrial

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Brochure Image-Biofit-Armor Series-2020 sheet

Armor Seat Series-Biofit

Durable chairs designed for use in clean room, static control/ESD, various work spaces

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Brochure-Biofit-Avenue Series

Avenue Chair Series-Biofit

Versatile chairs designed for use in clean room, static control/ESD, various workspaces

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Brochure-Biofit Bimos Fin Series

Bimos "Fin" Seat Series-Biofit

European ergonomic “Fin” seat designed for use in laboratory, clean room, healthcare, industrial, education, hospitality, retail

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Brochure-Biofit Belize Series

Belize Chair Series-Biofit

Ergonomic chairs designed for use in clean room, static control/ESD, various work spaces

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Brochure-Biofit-Bimos Neon Collection

Bimos Neon Chair-Biofit

European adaptable chair designed for use in laboratory, healthcare, industrial, static control/ESD

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Brochure-Biofit-Bimos Trend Collection-2020 sheet

Bimos Trend Chair-Biofit

European ergonomic chair designed for use in laboratory, healthcare, industrial, education, office

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Brochure-Biofit-Bimos Unitec Collection

Bimos Unitec Chair-Biofit

European economical chair designed for use in laboratory, healthcare, industrial, education, office

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Brochure-Biofit-MVMT Ergonomic seating-2020 sheet

MVMT Seating Catalog-Biofit

Innovative ergonomic seating designed with full range motion for use in standard and standing-desk applications

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Brochure-Biofit-Bridgeport Series-2020 sheet

Bridgeport Chair Series-Biofit

Ergonomic chair designed for use in clean room, static control/ESD, various workspaces

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Brochure-Biofit Cerex Stool

Cerex Stool Series

Durable stool designed for use in laboratory, clean room, healthcare, industrial and education

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Brochure-Biobit-Elite Series-2020 sheet

Elite Chair Series-Biofit

Versatile chair designed for use in clean room, static control/ESD, various work spaces

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Brochure-Biofit-Eton Series-2020 sheet

Eton Chair Series-Eton

Ergonomic chair designed for use in clean room, static control/ESD, various work spaces

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Brochure-Biofit ExecErgo Seating

ExecErgo Series Seating-Biofit

Ergonomically functional chair designed for use in office, education, healthcare

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Brochure-Biofit Footrests

Seat Footrests-Biofit

Ergonomic footrest designed for use in office, healthcare, lab, static control/ESD, education, industrial

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16-9 Crop Brochure Image-Biofit-Intensive Plus

Intensive Plus Chair Series-Biofit

Comfortable chair designed for use in healthcare, office, industrial, education

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Brochure-Biofit-LX Sit-Stand

LX Sit/Stand Seat Series-Biofit

Ergonomic torso/hip support chair designed for prolonged standing in industrial, laboratory, healthcare, education, office

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Brochure-Biofit Sewn Seams Seating

Sewn Seams Chair Series-Biofit

Comfort, performance, aesthetic chair designed for use in offices and various workspaces

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Brochure-Biofit Zephyr Seat Series

Office Zephyr Chair Series-Biofit

Comfortable chair designed for use in office, education, healthcare

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Brochure-Biofit-Regent Chair Series

Regent Chair Series-Biofit

Comfortable chair designed for use in healthcare, laboratory, education, industrial, static control/ESD

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Brochure-Biofit-Rexford Series

Rexford Stool Series-Biofit

Ergonomic stool designed for use in healthcare, laboratory, education, industrial, static control/ESD

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Brochure-Biofit Skoop Chair

Skoop Chair Series-Biofit

Versatile chair designed for use in laboratory, clean room, industrial, education

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Brochure-Biofit-Traxx Stool Series

Traxx Stool Series-Biofit

Durable stools designed for use in laboratory, clean room, healthcare, education, industrial, static control/ESD

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Brochure -Biofit-TXG Stool Series

TXG Stool Series-Biofit

Compact stools designed for use in laboratory, clean room, healthcare, education, industrial

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Brochure-Biofit-UniqueU Series-2020 sheet

UniqueU Chair Series-Biofit

Versatile chair designed for use in clean room, static control/ESD, various work spaces

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Brochure-Biofit-Vacuum Form Series-2020-sheet

Vacuum Formed Series-Biofit

Fluid and bacteria resistant chair designed for use in healthcare, laboratory, clean room, education

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Brochure-Biofit-Willow series sheet 2020

Willow Chair Serie-Biofit

Functional maple chair designed for use in healthcare, laboratory, education, industrial

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Video-High-Density Storage

High Density Storage (1min)

A museum library increased its storage by 50% without increasing its building footprint using mobile storage

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Video- Multilevel Industrial Shelving

Multilevel Industrial Shelving (1min)

A museum solved its storage crisis by going vertical 20’ with mezzanine and shelving, doubling its storage capacity

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Brochure-WPSS-Pacific Compression Clip Shelving

Compression Clip Shelving-WPSS

Bolt-free assembly; sturdy open or closed shelving, bin units and catwalk systems

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Brochure-WPSS-Deluxe Box Shelving

Box Shelving-WPSS

Designed to be the strongest one-piece shelf available; rearranging shelves easy

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Brochure-WPSS-RiveTier Boltless Shelving

RiveTier Boltless Shelving-WPSS

Boltless shelving assembles quickly and easily with a rubber mallet; multiple accessories to accommodate storage

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Brochure-Rousseau_Spider Clip Brochure

Clip Shelving-Rousseau

Heavy Duty and easy to assemble; includes specifications and accessories

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Brochure-Rousseau-Mini-Racking System


Industrial Mini-Racking dimensions; its heavy duty easy to assemble construction accommodates bulky items

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Brochure-Rousseau-Shelving Accessories

Shelving Accessories-Rousseau

Industrial shelving accessories from catalog including dividers, rods, labels, panels, doors, locks, etc.

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Catalog Section-Rousseau-Spider-clip Shelving-1

Clip Shelving Catalog-Rousseau

Sturdy and quick assembly clip shelving, multiple accessories, and dimensions

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Brochure-Aurora-Guide to Shelving Solutions

Design Solutions Guide-Aurora

You create shelving design solutions for any business application using innovative storage systems. Rotary Storage.

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Brochure-Aurora-Quik-Lok Shelving

Quick Lok Shelving-Aurora

Easy assembly with no nuts, bolts, or hardware; used in universities, schools, law offices and libraries

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Brochure-Aurora-Movable shelving solutions2016

Mobile Shelving-Aurora

Replace traditional lateral filing and store so much more recovering 50% of your floor space

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Brochure-Technibilt-SmartCell Shelving

Wire Shelving-Technibilt

Wire baskets and shelving, plated in hospital grade chrome for durability and longevity, multiple configurations

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Brochure-Aurora_Higher Ed 2pp

Higher Education Storage-Aurora

Storage solutions for student centers, office administration, libraries and classrooms, athletic departments, food services and more

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Brochure-Aurora-Cantilever Library Shelving

Cantilever Library Shelving-Aurora

High quality shelving and storage solutions for all types of libraries designed to meet the demands of your unique library

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Brochure-Aurora-Education 8pp

Education Storage-Aurora

Storage solutions for a variety of areas and the unique storage requirements for each department from K-12 to university levels

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Brochure-Aurora-Industrial Vert Market

Industrial Storage-Aurora

Storage solutions for the industrial market from machining, warehousing, parts storage, etc., including rotary cabinets, industrial shelving and more

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Brochure-Aurora-Law Enforcement

Military and Law Enforcement-Aurora

Custom storage solutions for military and government entities that offer versatile, sturdy and secure storage for weapons, gear and evidence

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Brochure-Aurora-Legal Storage Systems

Legal Storage Systems-Aurora

Storage systems for the varied needs of law firms and local, state and federal courts, including high density mobile and static shelving and cabinets 

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Brochure-Aurora-Library Shelving

Library Shelving-Aurora

Quik-Lok shelving system eliminates bolts, sway braces and protruding hardware, providing versatile, sturdy and beautiful storage for libraries

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Brochure-Aurora-Library System 30-Detail Guide 36pp

Library Shelving-Detailed Guide-Aurora

36 page detailed guide to the Aurora System 30 steel cantilever library shelving, with a full line of accessories for media display.  Includes specifications.

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Brochure-Aurora-Mobile Systems 2019 new

Mobile Shelving Systems-Aurora

Better use of space, doubling your storage in the same amount of space with the flexibility to store small to large, or flat to bulky items using a variety of  accessories

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Brochure-Aurora-Modular Lockers sgl sheet

Modular Lockers-Aurora

Modular lockers can be ordered as single units or in configurations to make banks of lockers with keyed, keyless or smart locks. Can be mixed with standard shelving or mounted on mobile carriages

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Brochure-Aurora-Quik Lok 2019

Quik Lok Shelving-Aurora

No nuts, bolts or screws required.  Order in open or closed back, single or double entry, letter or legal in the size, style and accessories for storing everything

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Brochure-Aurora-Times2 Brochure 2019NEW

Times-2 Rotary Cabinets-Aurora

The space saving dual-sided alternative to lateral cabinets with more flexibility and compartmentalized, locking storage. Stores everything.

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Brochure-Aurora-Times2 Planning Guide 2019NEW

Rotary Storage Planning Guide-Aurora

Providing up to three times the capacity of standard lateral files, this 36 page guide will assist with space planning and how to outfit your cabinet to meet your requirements

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Brochure-Aurora-WideLok Widespan Shelving 2019

Wide Span Shelving-Aurora

A strong, durable storage solution for larger and heavier objects.  Assembles with minimal tools and carries weight loads up to 1800 pounds per shelf

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Brochure-Aurora-Wire Shelving 2019

Wire Shelving-Aurora

The open-wire construction promotes cleanliness, provides high visibility, and circulates air and comes with carts, bins, baskets, and/or totes

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Brochure-Aurora-WoodTek 2019

Wood-Tek for Shelving-Aurora

For a more polished look, Wood-Tek is wrapped around steel shelving to meet the aesthetics required by libraries, legal and accounting firms, and other businesses

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