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Casework for Mail Centers

Modular Millwork is the ultimate flexible casework solution

The modularity of casework allows you the ability to create your own mailroom design to fit your unique space 

Fully customize your mail center set up to enhance work efficiency and organization with a number of accessories and cabinet/shelving configurations

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IOPC Mailroom2


Steel frames protect your cabinets from the damage that comes from bumps and knocks providing strength and durability in your heavy use environments

Steel frames give you the flexibility to reconfigure, relocate and repurpose units with ease

Accessories include both transparent and color components, slide-in name labels, and easy slot adjustment for components

Lifetime Warranty

IOPC-Mailroom Sorters


The ongoing need for an efficient personalized mail center/copy room is critical for:

  • Corporations
  • Universities
  • Banks
  • Government Facilities
  • High Tech Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Healthcare Facilities

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Mailroom Work Center

Smart Parcel Lockers

Smart lockers automate package delivery and parcel pick up

Instantly alert your patrons that a package has been delivered with a simple text or email alert providing an automatically generated one-time access code

Your patron can easily enter the access code or scan their QR code to the “smart” interface and the parcel locker pops open

IOPC-Smart Parcel Lockers-Clemson


Eliminates the time and hassle of manual deliveries - patrons can conveniently pick up packages in their own time

Eliminates the need for patrons to pick up packages during operating hours - automated delivery and pickup can operate 24/7

Eliminates waiting lines for in-person pick up at the mail counter - streamlines the pick up/delivery process

Smart lockers are ideal for colleges, dorms apartments, and any mail center that has parcel delivery needs

Smart Parcel Locker2

Vertical Carousel-Automated Lockers

The automated package delivery locker is designed for parcel delivery and pick up at apartment buildings, condos, dorms and any mail centers

  • User friendly interface automatically emails or texts a unique pass code to your consumer when a package has arrived
  • All metal design, security locks and password protection keeps packages safe
  • Report generation for access logs and usage statistics
  • Utilizes overhead space (up to 30’) to allow a large number of lockers in a narrow footprint

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Photo Gallery

Various images and applications for mail rooms and mail package delivery

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Multi-Sort Mail Centers

Designed for active mail and distribution centers to organize mail and document activity in one central location. IOPC Modular Millwork.

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Brochure Image-Vidir-Automated Day Use Locker

Automated Package Delivery Lockers-Vidir

Automated package delivery and pickup; email notifications to patrons when package arrives and report generation

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TZ Smart Intelligent Mail Management

Smart package lockers automate labor intensive processes of package receipt, logging, and delivery, ensuring chain of custody

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