Overhead Shelving Cage and Bike Lift

Overhead and Wall Storage

Make Use of Overhead Space to Store Bikes, Boats, Tires, Equipment, and More...

Overhead storage is also ideal for the agriculture sector to install movable ceiling grow lights for maximum plant growth

Overhead Cage Storage (27 sec)

Using overhead space to store inventory and equipment in secured carts or cages

Ceiling Bike and Boat Lifts

Safely and securely store bikes or light boats off the ground with wall and ceiling mount options

Each lift creates up to 130 square feet of storage in the space overhead

Relieve overcrowding in retail and police departments floor areas

Prevent injury from over-reaching and ladder mishaps

Overhead Lift-Idaho State Student Rec Center

Tire Storage

Free up a substantial amount of floor space by converting the unused air above into storage 

Save time searching for inventory - with the touch of a button tires are delivered to you within arms reach for easy access

Increases employee safety and decreases injury caused by ladders and over-reaching

Overhead Tire Lift

Keeps your tire inventory safe and secure

Double your tire storage in the same overhead space with an over/under lift design


  • 8 foot long unit holds 24 tires
  • 12 foot long unit holds 36 tires
  • 16 foot long unit holds 48 tires
Overhead Lift-Over Under Tire Storage

Movable Lighting

Move any type of agricultural grow light, ventilation, or heating system with a machine lift

72 or more grow lights can be adjusted at the same time with the push of a button, achieving maximum plant growth by keeping lights at the optimum distance from a growing canopy

Increase employee safety and save time by eliminating the need to climb ladders to constantly move individual grow lights

Indoor movable lighting

Ceiling Mounted Platform Storage

Utilize overhead air space and easily convert it into the optimal storage space

Keep your inventory and goods secure, clean, and out of the way

With a push of a button your cart or cage is delivered to you at floor level

Eliminates the need for ladders which reduces employee injury and dropped items

Overhead Storage Platform


  • A 6’H x 3’D x 8’L cart lifts 3,200 pounds
  • Snap lock quick-release
  • Snap on Security webbing
  • Add smooth rolling casters for cart mobility
  • Welded mesh secures both ends
  • Safety Bar is standard
  • Open cart or closed cage options
Overhead Storage Cage 4x8x5

Overhead Garment Storage

Secure and store garments, costumes, clothes, uniforms, linens, drapes up and out of the way 

With the simple push of a button your garments are brought to you within arms reach for loading and retrieval – no more climbing and no more ladder injuries

Ceiling mounts preserve your floor space for other uses while adding storage capacity above

Garment Racks in Warehouse

Wall-Mounted Storage

Immediately increase your storage utilizing empty wall space above your existing shelving/storage

With the push of a button wheelchairs come to you extending over any existing wall shelving or cabinets

Easy and safe to load and unload

Each unit holds up to 6 folded wheelchairs

Wheelchair wall storage

Photo Gallery

Images of overhead and wall storage for items such as bikes, carts, cages, tires, equipment, etc.

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