Automated Vertical Lift 

Increase your storage capacity dramatically

Recover up to 90% of your floor space, increase your picking rate and accuracy with automated software and delivery of items from VIDIR

Vertical Lift Module (2min 34sec)

Learn about Vertical Lift Modules. Save 90% of your floor space and boost production,  contact Olpin Group today!

What is a Vertical Lift?

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) are an automated storage and retrieval system built with two columns of trays facing each other. A mechanical inserter/extractor is positioned between the columns and automatically locates and retrieves trays as needed for dynamic storage and retrieval

Trays come in a variety of sizes and load capacities

VLMs usually handle double the load capacity over similar height carousels


Features and Benefits

Labor Reduction: With automation 1 person can pick the same amount as 5-6 people

Time Savings: Materials are delivered quickly and ergonomically to the operator, saving time and reducing the risk of injury

Accuracy: Improve the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your picking operations

Storage Capacity: Recover up to 90% of floor space and increase your storage capacity by going vertical, utilizing the full ceiling height of your facility, storing items up to 50’ high

Loss: Keep inventory secured and prevent loss and/or theft

Dynamic Storage: Sensors direct the trays to store dynamically, with as little as 1-inch between storage trays, optimizing storage capacity

Vidir VLM 4

VLM Features:

Automatic Height Detection:

  • Cutting-edge technology and intelligent software for accurate tray space measurement.
  • Complex calculations optimize inventory density during storage and retrieval.
  • Vertical orientation improves throughput speed and increases capacity.

Intelligent Software:

  • Maximizes density and ensures a smooth, efficient material handling process.
  • Minimizes pick times to increase productivity and eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Servo motors provide speed, power, and accuracy to reduce process time.

Total Control:

  • Puts you in control of inventory with a user-friendly interface.
  • Allows item list management, ERP system integration, and remote access for service diagnostics.
  • Shrinks storage footprint while maximizing productivity and ROI.
Vidir VLM 2

Best-in-Class Innovations:

  • Industry-first servo motors with higher velocity and accuracy (Best-in-Class 10HP lift capacity).
  • Chain drive for Best-in-Class performance, durability, and safety.
  • Modernizes material handling technology with ergonomic access and variable tray spacing.
Vidir VLM 4

Environmental Impact:

  • Maximizes production and efficiency with proper environmental sustainability.
  • Uses friendly, recyclable materials to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Controlled environment solutions provide security and protection for materials while optimizing inventory operations.

Key Features

  • ERP / WMS Integration
  • Video Training Modules
  • Easy-To_use Interace
  • Industry 4.0
  • Power Saving Eco-Mode
  • Servo Motors
  • Vidir Rapid Install
  • Schneider Industry Solutions
  • Chain Drive
  • Vidir Remote Service
  • Laster Height Sensors
  • Front Maintenance Access
  • Safe-Transport Cart
  • Seismic Ready Design
  • Data backup

Options & Accessories

  • Fold Out External Tray Access Arms
  • Tray Transporter
  • Pick-To-Light
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Badge Reader
  • Multiple Load Capacity
  • Color Change (RAL)
  • PM Packages


  • Automotive & Aviation
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Warehousing


  • Boxed Items
  • Buckets
  • Containers
  • Large Parts
  • Medical Supplies
  • Small Parts


  • Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Material Handling
  • Storage

Vertical Lift Module Photo Gallery

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