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Reduce retrieval time while increasing employee safety

Storing up to 352 Tires in a single carousel helps you recover up to 70% of the floor space required by more traditional racking systems

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Vertical Tire Storage (1m 58sec)

Features and benefits of the vertical tire carousel
360 square feet of storage reduced to 107 square feet

Features and Benefits

Tire retrieval time is reduced significantly as tires are automatically delivered to the operator within 20-30 seconds at the push of a button

Reduces injury by minimizing physical requirements for handling heavy tires

Organizes inventory by centralizing it in one location

Prevents damage caused by stacking tires

Vidir Tire Carousel

Tires are delivered at an ergonomic height for easy, safe retrieval

Up to 352 tires can be stored on a single carousel

There are 3 Carousel models: car tires (28” diameter), SUV tires (32” diameter) and large truck tires (44” diameter)

A single carrier can store various sizes of tires

Vidir Tire Carousel Operator

Standard Features

  • Semi-Automated controls with keypad
  • 21 feet per minute retrieval speed
  • Load per carrier: 1,000 to 2,000 lbs
  • 2 tire dividers per carrier
  • 2 inch mesh guarding front and back
  • Standard Color: White with grey interior
  • Built-in safety to shut carousel off
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Optional auto-retrieval software, compatible with ERP or WMS systems
Tire Carousel Horizontal Security Gate

Tire Carrier Sizes

Tire Carrier Sizes

Tire Carrier with Dividers


  • Horizontal Security Gate. Prevents unauthorized access
  • Tire Loading Ramp. Assists loading and unloading
  • Tire Kicker. Motorized system for loading large and heavy tires
  • Dual Controls. Control the carousel from both sides of system to increase retrieval speed
  • Separate charge for non-standard colors
  • Full Enclosure. Replace 2” mesh with solid paneling as well as adding enclosed ceiling
  • Preventative Maintenance Package –Annual inspections designed to extend the life of your carousel
  • Seismic Certification for carousels within seismic zones
Tire Carousel Kicker and Load Ramp


Click here or on the link below for all specifications for the T39, T45, and HT54 Tire Carousel models 

The image to the left shows T39 (7" wide tire) specifications only.

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T39 Tire Carouse Specifications_7in wide tires

Photo Gallery

Images of various tire carousel set ups and their features

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