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Your Options for Educational Furniture and Storage Solutions


Modular Millwork

Modular Millwork’s lego-like construction gives you endless options for configuring workbenches, labs, break rooms, classrooms, reception, and student congregation areas

The steel frame withstands even the heaviest use environments and is purposely designed to make reconfiguring, relocating, and repurposing the cabinetry simple to keep up with changing needs

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Modular Millwork-classroom

Foldable Furniture

Foldable and mobile cubicles, desks, worktables, meeting rooms and private offices provide many options for use in educational facilities

Where real estate is at a premium, you can quickly change any space from a private study center to a research facility, to a collaborative room in a matter of minutes 

Each system folds up in less than 60 seconds to 15% of its original size and rolls easily away for storage or use in another location

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Swiftspace foldable furniture w/Movable walls


Secure personal items and valuables and provide controlled access for single or multiple users

Wire mesh lockers provide a great option for secure storage when visibility is needed

Lockers come in a variety of standard sizes and configurations designed to accommodate all spaces

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Plastic Lockers-gym-athletic-storage

Mail Rooms

Solve the labor intensive mail center activities of student notification, limited operational hours and wait lines, and unclaimed student mail with an automated student locker system

With an automated mail room system simply scan and delivery the mail/package into a parcel locker - your recipient automatically receives a text or email notification with the locker location and a randomly generated pin code to retrieve the mail at their convenience, 24/7

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Parcel Lockers-University Center


Choose the optimal shelving solution for each of your departments:  library, automotive, athletics, general ed, lab, drama, student services, staff offices, campus security, etc.

Each shelving system, whether its Mobile, Rotary, Lateral or Wire Shelving, is designed to maximize your storage capacity and give the best use application for your individual department needs

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Aurora-Mobile Shelving-Athletics

Classroom Labs

Create the best hands on learning experience with lab benches and above the surface accessories all placed within arms reach

The mobility and modularity of lab furniture allows for the flexibility to reconfigure, relocate and repurpose to keep up with your changing needs

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IOPC-Lab with Slat Railings


Create your own seating to fit your exact specifications from the following components:

Seats shape, size, and material
Arms height, width and depth or no arms
Backrest shape, size, height, tilt, and material

The image to the right is a self-skinned urethane for easy cleaning.  It resists water, chemicals, paint and more

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Biofit-UniqueU Seating

Overhead Storage

Free up your crowded storage rooms and safely and securely store bikes, light boats, garments, athletic equipment in overhead space

A single overhead storage machine can create up to 130 square feet of storage from the unused air space between ceiling and floor

Available in both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted options

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Overhead Storage-Michigan State Cage

Lockers and Wire Cages

When visibility, light and airflow are important, but security is needed, wire cages and lockers provide the perfect solution for on-campus student storage, lost and found, securing data or utility areas, or any campus security needs

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Choose a simple workbench as an ideal student work surface for automotive or other school department uses

Personalize your workbench with a variety of accessories housed above or below the workbench – all within arm’s reach for the optimal hand’s on learning experience

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Workbenches-VVC auto classroom

Stationary, Mobile and Motorized Carts

A mobile cart provides easy transport of materials from one location to another.  There are a variety of cart styles to fit your specific needs

Your customized cart becomes a personal mobile workstation ideal for maintenance personnel and any department needing tools or supplies close to their project

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Rousseau-Multitek Mobile Cart

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