Public Safety Storage Solutions

Security And Accessibility For Your Gear, Weapons, And Evidence

Get the functionality and security you need with specialized storage systems for law enforcement and military

Your Public Safety Storage Options

Create efficient work spaces for your public safety personnel

Weapons and Gear Storage

Choose the system that will create the most efficient and adaptable way to house all of your tactical gear, rifles, handguns, ammo, and evidence in your facility

Specialized accessory attachments secure your gear in lockable lockers, cabinets and shelving

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SecureIt-Weapons lockers

Evidence Storage

An automated locker carousel can provide great benefits for evidence storage:

  • Remote monitoring of locks and report generation to ensure secure chain of custody
  • Secure locks and password protection
  • Second access point option allows for separate storage and retrieval access

Vertical carousels utilize overhead space (up to 30’) to allow a large number of lockers or shelving in a much smaller space

Locker or shelving carriers rotate on a track in a vertical loop and deliver their contents to you at an ergonomic level

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Evidence Automated Lockers-Vidir


Secure personal items and valuables with day use lockers 

Provide controlled access for single or multiple users for chain of custody purposes

Refrigerated lockers available for bio-evidence storage

Lockers come in a variety of standard sizes and configurations designed to accommodate all spaces

Wire mesh lockers also provide a great option for when visibility yet security is needed

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Evidence-Metal Lockers-refrigerated


From armory and tactical gear to archive files and office supplies, there is a shelving system to best maximize your storage capacity for each department need  

Choose from Mobile, Rotary, Lateral or Wire Shelving systems

The many varieties and configurations of shelving will allow you to customize all your spaces to best fit your needs

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Aurora_mobile shelving_police_officer

Overhead Storage

Solve the overcrowding in police departments and free up valuable floor space with automated overhead and wall storage systems

A single machine can create up to 130 square feet of storage using the overhead air space in your facility

Store bikes, tires, garments, equipment, and more

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Multi-bike Overhead Storage Hoist

Wire Security Cages and Partitions

Wire cages and partitions can provide the perfect solution for off-site storage, preventing access to portions of a large facility, or guarding sensitive data or records areas

Especially useful for when visibility, light and airflow are important

Wire cages are modular which allows for the greatest flexibility in configuring units to your specifications

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Wire Cage-Cash Vault Counting Center

Foldable Furniture

Swiftspace's foldable and mobile cubicles, desks, worktables, meeting rooms and private offices provide flexible options for personnel use

Swiftspace enables you to quickly change one space from a private workspace to a conference room or work room in a matter of minutes 

Each system folds up in less than 60 seconds to 15% of it original size and rolls away easily for storage or use in another location

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Swiftspace-MobilePrivate Office

Cabinet Storage

Organize your work areas using high density storage cabinets, workbenches, and accessories to keep your materials and supplies accessible and simplify your workflow

Choose from heavy duty steel construction or sturdy modular laminate configurations

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Metal Cabinet workstation

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