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Metal Lockers

Sturdy Welded Construction Gives You The Expected Durability For All Uses

Metal lockers are versatile and fit many applications:  weapons, gear, and athletic storage,  and public safety, industrial, education industries, and much more

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Descriptions of lockers that meet rigorous demands of public safety

Gear Lockers-Athletic/Tactical

These welded lockers are deeper than standard lockers and are perfect for athletic or tactical gear storage

Built sturdy to withstand heavy-duty use

Metal gear lockers

Ventilated Lockers-Athletic Gear and More

Multi-purpose ventilated metal lockers are ideal for locker room, sports teams, and gear storage 

Ventilated lockers

Multi-Purpose Lockers for Medical/Education

Features an optional mobile cart that can be stocked with medical essentials or school supplies and transported to patient or collaborative areas

When the mobile cart is not being used it is easily locked away for security

metal locker-education

Personal and Day Use Lockers

These lockers tend to be smaller and are ideal for securing keys, wallets, cellular phones, watches, purses, lunch bags and day packs

Day Use Lockers can serve as a partition between office areas, line a wall, or sit under a surface that serves as a work table or bench

Perfix mini-day use-lockers

Light or Heavy Duty Pass-Through Lockers

This storage solution allows you to store and replenish items from different rooms

Use for public access, mail rooms, law enforcement, hospitality and entertainment sectors

Locker-pass through

Dimensions and Configurations

Metal lockers come in a variety of standard sizes and configurations which are designed to meet the majority of your needs

However custom dimensions are easily accommodated when you cannot find the right fit

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Vertical Carousel Package Delivery Lockers

The carousel package delivery locker is an automated storage and delivery system that rotates banks of lockers to within arms reach for easy access to all patrons

Automatic email/text notifications are sent to consumer when a package has arrived

User friendly drop off & pick up interface

All metal design, security locks and password protection keep packages safe

Software also provides access and usage reports

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Package_Delivery_Locker_Vertical Carousel

Day Use Lockers

Another application for the vertical carousel is the Day Use Locker

This automated storage and retrieval system provides temporary lockers to secure personal or high security items for offices, universities, hospitals, libraries, athletic facilities, fitness centers, police department, malls and more

Software allows for assigning locker spaces, automatic reset, remote monitoring, and optional monetizing of locker use

Utilizes overhead space (up to 30’) to allow a large number of lockers in a narrow footprint

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Day Use Automated Lockers-Vidir-compressed

Photo Gallery

Various images of metal lockers

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Video-Tiffin Public Safety Lockers

Secure Storage (4m 23sec)

Descriptions of lockers that meet the rigorous demands of public safety

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