Industrial Storage Solutions

Maximize Storage Capacity And Optimize Your Workflow

Boost inventory control with specialized automated systems designed for your industry

Your Industrial Storage Options

Organize your storage and create easier access to materials

Cabinet Storage

Store more in less space using high density storage options and accessories to organize and keep your materials handy

Choose from heavy duty steel construction or sturdy modular laminate configurations for storage of tools, data, plans, maps, documents, supplies, literature, equipment, archives and any materials needing a home

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Cabinet workstation

Stationary, Mobile, Motorized Cabinets

Protect your tools and hardware and keep them within easy reach of your project with a mobile tool cart

With many varieties of carts and accessories available, personalize your own cart into a mini workstation

Reduce injury and fatigue by transporting heavy tooling and supplies with motorized carts and platforms

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Metal Storage Cabinets


The heavy-duty features and load capacities make clip, wide-span and pallet racking the most common solution for bulk storage and warehouse applications for maximizing storage capacity

Additionally, other shelving systems, from Mobile and Rotary to Lateral and Wire Shelving, are also designed to maximize your storage capacity and give the best use application for particular uses

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Aurora-Wide Span

Mobile Racking

Pallet racking can be placed on mobile carriages for additional storage density, doubling your storage capacity in the same space!

Shelving units move either mechanically or electronically opening up an aisle way for easy access materials

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mobile shelving-industrial shelving vented

Pallet Rack Guarding

Wire mesh pallet rack guarding prevents:

  • Inventory theft
  • Injury resulting from items falling from racking

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Wire Rack Enclosure


Double or triple your total cubic space without adding any overhead with an elevated platform

Create more productivity using your overhead space for storage, office, or production areas

Mezzanines’ modular design makes it easy to expand to meet your changing needs

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WPSS-Mezzannine with Stairs


Choose a simple workbench for an ideal personnel work surface, or

Personalize a workbench with a variety of accessories to place all your supplies and instruments within arms reach for optimal work production

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Industrial workbench-Rousseau

Tool Storage

Remove the frustration of finding what you need at the moment you need it

Choose the tool storage system that gives you easy accessibility, visibility, and organization for all of your tooling needs:

  • Visibly displayed on a utility wall
  • Locked in a cabinet or drawers for security
  • Moves with you from project to project in a personalized mobile cart
  • Storage features for standard to specialized tools

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Rousseau-Tool Storage Panels

Wire Security Cages and Partitions

Use a driver cage to secure loading docks to keep patrons from wandering your facility

Use wire cages for secured storage when visibility, light and airflow are important

Cages and partitions can provide the perfect solution for off-site storage, blocking off portions of a warehouse, and guarding large machinery

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Drivers Cage


Secure personal items, gear, valuables and evidence

Provide controlled access for single or multiple users

Lockers come in a variety of standard sizes and configurations designed to accommodate all spaces

Wire mesh lockers also provide a great option for when visibility yet security is needed

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Metal Lockers

Vertical Storage

Significantly increase your storage capacity by going vertical and recover up to 75-90% of your floor space with vertical automation

Organize and centralize your inventory, parts, textiles and materials in one location

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Vertical Lift with External Tray-Crane-Modula


Sturdy, durable, warrantied seating with the following components to choose from:

Seats shape, size and material
Arms height, width and depth or no arms
Backrests shape, size, height, tilt and material

The image to the left is a self-skinned urethane for easy cleaning - it resists water, chemicals, paint and more

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Biofit-UniqueU Seating

Modular Buildings

Re-usable, relocatable and expandable these easy to install modular buildings can be used for in-plant offices, conference rooms, break rooms, clean rooms, machine enclosures, paint booth, and more

Solid construction withstands manufacturing and military environments

Standard 3-inch insulated wall panels, 22 gauge galvanized top decking for elevated buildings, complete window and electric packages

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