Swiftspace Foldable Furniture

Furniture Designed to be Collapsible, Flexible and Mobile

Change your space from a conference room to a workroom in a matter of minutes with workstations and conference tables that roll out and set up easily

Swiftspace Foldable Workstations (2m 14sec)

Quick reconfiguration of office spaces without the high cost of moving traditional workstations

“We found Olpin Group to be proactive, from the field personnel to your office staff in handling things quickly and professionally. We gladly recommend Olpin Group to any companies looking for a quality vendor to provide furniture, fixtures and equipment packages.”

Straub Construction

Swiftspace's Flexible Furniture

Stand Alone.  Each Swiftspace furniture system is a stand-alone foldable unit.  There are no parts or pieces to track when deconstructing, moving, storing or re-constructing.  This means no losing or misplacing of crucial furniture parts!

No Installation Needed.  Save huge costs by eliminating installation crews.

Swiftspace Solo Workstation

Mobile & Permanent.  Each system can be rolled and moved easily from location to location.  Made to be durable.  The wheels lock into place for permanent applications, but can unlock to move or relocate as needed.

Foldable and Compact.  Every system folds up in less than 60 seconds to 15% of its original size.  The image to the left shows 4 Solo stations fully collapsed for easy storage.

Private and Collaborative Configurations.  Use the accessories of these flexible systems to provide privacy.  With a quick re-arrangement or simple flip, you can easily convert them into collaborative work centers.

Swiftspace-Solo-4 stations collapsed

Accessories for All Swiftspace Lines

Upper privacy wall in semi-clear plastic (standard).  Other options are high pressure laminate, whiteboard, printed acrylic, sound-dampening material, or fabric-covered tack boards.

Accessory rail for mounting monitors, shelves, paper slots, and binder storage.

Swiftspace Solo Family

Power and data bars.  Additional 4-circuit 80 amp and 40-amp quick power systems can be added to run up to 40 data cables.

Complete line of mobile pedestals, storage towers and lateral files, and open or closed cubicles.

Height adjustable keyboard arms and trays.

Optional work surfaces have whiteboard or chalkboard finish (the standard work surface is laminate).

Castor covers.  Corner covers are standard.

Swiftspace-Nursestation with accessories

Solo Workstations

Standard depth:  24”
Standard lengths:  34”, 48”, 66” or 90”

Pneumatic or height-adjustable work surfaces can be added.

Wall Height:
Standard heights are 29”, 41”, 52” or 66”.  Panel extenders can be added for increased heights.

Swiftspace Solo-4station Set up

Height Adjustable Workstations

The height adjustable version allows you to lift the work surface effortlessly with 30-100 pounds on the surface.

The dual arm mechanism raises your work surface from 26” to 48” in height.

The work surface is available in rectangular or kidney shape in any width from 40” to 60” with a depth of 24”, 30” or 36”.

Height Adj Desk sgle

Height Adjustable Tables

Adjust tables from sitting to standing position from 26” to 52” with the push of a button.


  • Table surfaces can be folded down and used as a whiteboard
  • Accessory rail can mount monitors, shelves, paper slots and binder storage
  • Work surface depths:  24”, 30” or 36”
  • Work surface length:  50”, 60” or 72”
Swiftspace-Shape Family-Adj Tables

Mobile Benching

Benching stations allow you to quickly reconfigure from a focused (with privacy panel) to a collaborative workstation.


  • Work surfaces:  Laminate, chalk or whiteboard finishes
  • Power/data trough comes with standard 6 outlet, 4 USB port power bar
  • Work surface depth:  24”
  • Bench Lengths:  48”, 60”, 72” or 96”

Study Carrels

Change a private study carrel to a collaborative station with a simple change of position:

  • Upright Position: Wall height:  52”
  • Down Position:  Depth:  52”; Widths:  24”, 30” 48” or 60”
  • Both Positions:  Depth:  24”; Height:  29”; Widths:  24”, 30”, 48” or 60”

A 6 outlet 4 USB port power bar and 5” depth shelf included. Carrels can be customized to any width between 24” and 60”.

Flip Carrell-multi

Mobile Meeting Rooms

A comfortable and convenient meeting room for two.  Cushions available in various coverings.


  • Heights:  29”, 41”, 52” or 66”
  • Worksurface:  30”W x 37”D fixed height table
  • Optional pull-out work surface:  24”W x 13”D
  • Removable Canopy
  • Power Strip available
  • Hinged back wall can fold down when adding booths together for larger groups
Swiftspace Dos Family-Mobile Meeting Room

6-Person Mobile Meeting Room

Mobile meeting room or seating area for up to six people.


  • Peninsula table is Standard:  30” x 72”
  • Height:  60”; can increase to 66” or 72” with panel extenders
  • The room can be separated and reconfigured into different setups to suit your needs
  • Optional monitor mount for back wall
  • Optional detachable power bar with 6 outlets, 4 USB ports
Swiftspace Rendezvous-6 Meeting Room

Healthcare-Mobile Flu Station

The Swiftspace privacy station is a flexible, durable solution for the ER.  Medical staff can monitor several patients at a time while patients maintain appropriate isolation.

Each unit folds and collapses to 15% of its original size for rolling away and storage.

Swiftspace-Mobile Flu stations

Instant Private Office

Create a private office in a short time span without a high cost by combining Swiftspace mobile walls and Solo stations.

  • Acoustic panels provide increased privacy
  • Pneumatic height adjust surface for additional flexibility
  • The station comes in 3 pre-assembled pieces including a door with latch

View easy office set up now (2m 8sec)

Mobile Office

Office Furniture

We have multiple furniture options to personalize any of the following workspace areas:

  • Reception
  • Boardrooms
  • Conference room
  • Staff Offices 
  • Student Halls and Collaboration areas
  • Public gathering areas
  • Break rooms, etc.
ConnectTrax_Frank5 (2)

Photo Gallery

Images of Swiftspace’s foldable workstations, tables and meeting rooms.  Also included are images of office furniture for general use and public meeting areas.

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