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ActivWall is a patent pending, interactive, educational storage system that supports student agency in the classroom by allowing teachers to customize their classrooms with personalized activities and learning tools tailored to the needs of their students.

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Student Centered

Shifting towards student-centered learning involves customizing education to address individual student needs, interests, and learning styles. This method promotes active participation, critical thinking, and self-directed learning, fostering student agency in the classroom. Student agency entails learning through activities that are meaningful and relevant to learners, guided by their interests, and frequently initiated by students with appropriate teacher guidance. In essence, student agency empowers students by giving them a voice and often a choice in their learning journey.

ActivWALL™ offers a solution by establishing dedicated zones within the classroom for collaboration, quiet individual work, and student-centered learning.


Project Based

Project-based learning transforms the educational focus from isolated subjects to interdisciplinary projects. In this approach, students engage in real-world projects, applying their knowledge and skills to solve complex problems. ActivWALL™ actively supports collaborative, project-based learning, enabling students to apply their knowledge and skills collectively to address intricate challenges as a team.

With ActivWALL™, educators have the flexibility to configure zones within the classroom, allowing multiple groups of students to work on individualized material simultaneously. This not only enhances collaboration but also increases the overall effectiveness of the classroom learning environment.



A pedagogy shift denotes a substantial change or transformation in the methods, approaches, and philosophies of teaching and learning. It entails a reevaluation and adjustment of the ways in which education is delivered to better align with the evolving needs of students, advancements in technology, and societal changes. These shifts can manifest at different levels, be it within a single classroom, an entire school or institution, or even on a broader scale within an educational system.

ActivWALL™ has the capability to revolutionize individual classrooms or entire districts by directing educators towards Active Learning strategies. These strategies engage students in activities that necessitate their active participation, discussion, analysis, and application of concepts. ActivWall™ plays a pivotal role in steering away from passive listening, placing emphasis on hands-on experiences.



Inclusive pedagogy strives to establish fair learning environments for diverse student populations, accommodating various learning needs and styles. Educators bear the responsibility of ensuring that every student, regardless of their abilities, experiences a sense of value, support, and inclusion within the learning community. Inclusion goes beyond physical accessibility; it involves nurturing a sense of belonging and guaranteeing active participation in the learning process for all students. ActivWALL™ exemplifies a dedication to the distinctive needs of each student by offering easily configurable spaces within the classroom, tailored to address individual student requirements.


Assessment Methods

Transitioning assessment methods from traditional exams to more authentic forms, such as project portfolios, presentations, and peer assessments, offers a more holistic perspective of students' abilities. ActivWALL™ actively promotes this educational shift by providing adaptable, configurable space for collaboration, presentations, group work, team building, and peer assessments. Simultaneously, it optimizes classroom space for students and improves the organization of essential student materials. All these features contribute to fostering student agency in the classroom.


Modular Family

  • In-Room Library
    • 350 Book in-room library
    • Front-facing book display
    • Removeable book displays
    • Student accessibility without teacher intervention
  • Presentation Zone
    • Stage-like dedicated presentation platform
    • Surfaces are projector screen capable, white board writable, and magnetic.
    • Student accessibility without teacher intervention.
  • Workshop Storage
    • Storage for teacher manipulatives, STEAM/Maker space, and activity based materials.
    • In-wall electrical power for digital storage and charging.
    • Slat wall storage accessories standard.
  • Collaboration Zone
    • Multiple sliding white board writable and projection surfaces.
    • Pivot walls that pull out to create divided/private collaboration zones.
    • Student accessibility without teacher intervention.
  • Inclusion Zone
    • Designated zone for quiet inclusion of special needs or work space for makeup work or re-testing.
    • Electrication and lighting available.
    • Desk/Workspace Options.
    • Student accessibility without teacher intervention.
  • General Storage
    • 80 cubic feet of storage.
    • Adjustable to fit bulky items in totes.
    • 250 lbs per shelf capacity.
    • Student accessibility without teacher intervention.
  • Office Space
    • 12 square feet desk surface.
    • Easily accessible supplies storage.
    • Slat wall storage accessories standard.
    • Integrated lighting and electrical outlets.
    • Secure, hidden from classroom when closed.


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