Surgical and Medical Supply Room Storage

Functional Medical Office Cabinets and Surgical Room Storage

Outfit your hospital central supply room, patient, surgical, and sterile rooms with anti-microbial steel storage

Your Options for Medical Supply Storage

Storage systems designed for healthcare uses

Steel Cabinets

The anti-microbial powder coat gloss ensures the highest level of sterile equipment for your sterile rooms

Plexi-glass doors protect from dust and particles and keep supplies visible

Easy adjustable shelves accommodate all types of storage

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Steel Cabinets-medical

Modular Drawers

Modular drawers will allow you to regain up to 70% of the space generally used by conventional metal shelving and cabinets

Save time by finding all your items quickly with drawer partitions and labels

Anti-microbial powder coat ensures highest level of sterile equipment

Modular drawers offer 100% extension

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Central Supply Room

Easily adjustable and durable shelving – a functional solution for receiving, sorting and distributing medical equipment and supplies

Store all of your items, from ink cartridges to medical devices, in one shelving system

Utilize every inch of your space by including modular drawers in your shelving

Use the mobile cart for transporting materials and supplies to other parts of your facility

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Colors & Antimicrobial Finish

The Gloss-Tek Antimicrobial™ powder coat finish incorporates antimicrobial properties that suppress the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew

The finish is free of formaldehyde, methanol and other solvents

Shelving is available in 31 different custom colors to achieve the design you are looking for

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Rack Systems

Achieve up to 60% additional storage with high density rack solutions:

  • Compartments can be divided to fit the exact size and quantity of supplies being stored eliminating dead air space
  • Baskets can be angled so those at the higher levels can be fully accessed
  • Baskets designed for sterile (washable) and anti-microbial storage are available
Pegasus-VA-Orlando-Rack System

Medical Supply Cabinets

Rack shelving can be enclosed in cabinetry for high-density storage in a dust-free environment

Various cabinet styles with roller shutters, solid wood doors and glass door options

Best applications are for wards, storage rooms, central sterilization centers and operating rooms

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Pegasus-Medical Supply Cabinets

 Mobile Isolation Carts

Use in procedure rooms, to transport material between departments, or for emergency mobility use

Procedure and medication carts are made from high quality plastic in multiple height options

All drawers can be retracted for cleaning and configurations can be changed instantly

Pegasus-Isolation Cart

Transportation and storage carts can be open or with closed cabinetry. Lightweight aluminum frames

For closed configurations choose tambour, glass or solid high-pressure laminate doors

Each has a variety of accessories, sizes and options to meet your emergency and mobility needs

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Pegasis-Open Rack PPE Storage


Casework also provides flexible options for surgical rooms and patient rooms

Keep supplies visible with glass doors or enclose with solid panel doors

Multiple configurations are possible to fit any surgical room, exam room, or nursing station

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Casework-Surgery Room

Photo Gallery

Various images and applications for medical supply and surgical rooms

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Modular Systems for Healthcare Storage

A modular system of trays and baskets for storage, handling and moving healthcare supplies

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Rousseau-Healthcare Storage System

Healthcare Storage Systems

Improve inventory efficiency while storing more in a small space, ergonomic designs, and clean environment

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Wire Shelving for Healthcare

Wire Shelving For Healthcare

Wire baskets and shelving, plated in hospital grade chrome for durability and longevity, multiple configurations

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