Automotive Workbenches and Service Centers

Organize Your Tools and Equipment for a More Productive Work Area

With high quality, superior functional design and clean brand image, these storage systems will help you attract and retain customers

Build your own service bay with this easy-to-use bay design configurator

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Automotive Service Bays

Designed and engineered with your technicians in mind, automotive service cabinets will transform the organization and productivity of your service department

Workbench-service bay-auto


The modular design allows you to arrange different components in any configuration that best suits your operations

This offers optimum functionality while meeting your technician’s needs for tool storage and access

Each component is designed to fit perfectly alongside, above or below any other component

Modular Design-Auto-workbench


Build your personalized workstation with the following components:

Above the Work Surface:

  • Cabinets:  Computer and Storage and Reel (installed above and below the surface), hutch, storage
  • Slope Top
  • LED Lights
  • Panels:  Finishing, Louvered and Utility
  • Power feed panel
  • Work surfaces:  Painted steel, Stainless Steel, Rubber Mat, Stainless Steel with Marine Edge
Accessories above worksurface crop

Below the Work Surface:

  • Multitek Tool Cart
  • Waste Container
  • Panel for Waste and Recycling Bins
  • Lift Control Unit
  • Tool Box
  • Mobile Tool Box
  • Workstation Hutch
  • Reel Cabinet
  • And More…
Accessories below worksurface


20 Standard colors in powder coat finish to match your brand (customized color options also available)

Rousseau Standard Colors


Red Service Bay Workbench-Rousseau

Modular Drawers

Drawer Load Capacity:
400 lb load capacity per drawer (R-Series)
100 lb load capacity per drawer (L-Series)

Lifetime warranty on the drawer rolling mechanism

Drawer Dimensions:

Heights in inches 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 12”, 14”
Widths Wide variety made to fit cabinet depth and widths
Depths Wide variety made to fit cabinet depth and widths

Explore All Modular Drawers

Rousseau-Modular Drawer workbench

Drawer Locking Mechanisms

Patented Integrated Lock-In Mechanism:
Activated when lifting the handle up and stops drawers and roll-out shelf from opening on own

Econo Lock-In Mechanism
Activated with right hand by thumb sliding mechanism.  Stops drawers from opening on their own

Lock-Out Mechanism
Locks drawers/roll-out shelf in an open position

Locking mechanisms

Drawer Accessories

  • Front to Back and Left to Right Partitions
  • Dividers to go in between the partitions
  • Label Holders
  • Plastic bins and Conductive Plastic Bins 
  • Drawer Liners
  • Foam for Tools and Collets
  • Groove Trays (for drill bits, borers, sockets, files, etc)
  • Locking Mechanisms to stop drawer roll-out
  • Drawer Locks

Explore All Modular Drawers

Modular Drawer Accessories-Rousseau

Service Advisor Desks

Designed to facilitate all tasks performed by a service advisor and a dedicated space to greet customers

Desk can be personalized with a logo

100 lb drawer capacity
250 lb cabinet capacity


Heights 40” Advisor/ 48” Visitor
Depths 36 inches
Widths in inches 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”, 72”


OxfordDodge_Service Advisor Desk_Rousseau


  • Waste and recycling containers, 
  • Shelves:  printer, fixed, adjustable
  • Computer support monitors
  • Power feed panel
  • Power outlets, USBports
  • Locking door for storing personal items
  • Surfaces:  stainless steel, laminate and laminated wood
  • Add casters for mobility
Automotive Service Desk


Choose your sturdy, durable, warrantied seating from the following components:

  • Seats:  shape, size and material
  • Arms:  height, width and depth or no arms
  • Backrest:  shape, size, height, tilt and material
  • Style:  multiple options

The image to the right is a self-skinned urethane for easy cleaning - it resists water, chemicals, paint and more

Explore All Seating Options

Biofit-UniqueU Seating

Photo Gallery

Various images for automotive service centers

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