Automated Vertical Lift 

Increase your storage capacity dramatically

Recover up to 90% of your floor space, increase your picking rate and accuracy with automated software and delivery of items

Vertical Lift Module (46sec)

Shows how a vertical lift recovers up to 90% of your storage space

What is a Vertical Lift?

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) are an automated storage and retrieval system built with two columns of trays facing each other. A mechanical inserter/extractor is positioned between the columns and automatically locates and retrieves trays as needed for dynamic storage and retrieval

Trays come in a variety of sizes and load capacities

VLMs usually handle double the load capacity over similar height carousels

Modula-Vertical Lift-Cutaway-View

Features and Benefits

Labor Reduction: With automation 1 person can pick the same amount as 5-6 people

Time Savings: Materials are delivered quickly and ergonomically to the operator, saving time and reducing the risk of injury

Accuracy: Improve the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your picking operations

Storage Capacity: Recover up to 90% of floor space and increase your storage capacity by going vertical, utilizing the full ceiling height of your facility, storing items up to 50’ high

Loss: Keep inventory secured and prevent loss and/or theft

Dynamic Storage: Sensors direct the trays to store dynamically, with as little as 1-inch between storage trays, optimizing storage capacity

Modula-Side by side Vertical Lift Modules

Trays: Can hold up to 2,200 lbs. Various tray sizes allow you to customize storage

Picking Aids: Optional aids such as laser pointer, LED bar, bar code reader, give visual indication of location for accurate picking

Software: WMS software packages boost inventory management by keeping track of storage. Compatible with standard ERP systems. The software will also interface with anthropomorphous robots


Crane Robot external tray

Bar Stock Shelving Lift

The Bar Stock Shelving Automated lift is a specially designed semi or fully automated storage and retrieval system for light-weight aluminum or plastic extrusions

2000 lb. weight capacity per carrier

Stores up to 27’ long lengths

Fully customizable

Vidir Bar Stock Lift

Basic Lift

Move 9,050 square feet of traditional storage into only 150 square feet!

The ideal high-density storage solution to integrate flexibility with workflow and product picking

Ideal for all industrial products, components and spare parts

Unit heights from 10 feet to 46 feet approx

154,500 lb overall load capacity

Modula Lift 540x763

Sintes1 Lift

The Sintes1 lift is designed for small to medium-sized applications like pharmaceuticals, tools and electronic components

Unit heights from 8 feet to 23 feet approximately

66,243 lb overall load capacity

Modula Sintes1 540x763

Onepick Lift

The OnePick lift has a fully automated picking bay and works without an operator

Picks from belt to unit, or unit to belt

The automation handles and picks products stored in boxes or bins

Unit Height: 10 feet to 50 feet approximately

109,416 lb Net Overall load capacity

Modula OnePick 540x763

Slim Lift

The Slim lift is the most compact VLM in the industry occupying only 32.29 square feet of floor space

The Slim lift is built on a pre-assembled base module and is quick to ship and assemble

Perfect for storing loose materials, pharmaceuticals, containers, small items, spare parts, etc.

Unit Height: 7 feet to 22 feet approximately

55,115 lb overall load capacity

Modula Slim 540x763

Vertical Lift Module Photo Gallery

Images of various lift modules in operation

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