Government Storage Solutions

For All Sectors from Maintenance to Utilities to Facilities Planning

 Secure your equipment and sensitive data and keep all storage easily accessible with these systems

Your Options to Maximize Your Storage

Utilize your existing space to store more efficiently

Cabinet Storage

Using high-density modular drawer systems you can store more in less space and keep your materials handy

Choose from heavy duty steel construction or sturdy modular laminate configurations for storage of tools, data, plans, maps, documents, supplies, literature, equipment, archives and any materials needing a home

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Cabinet workstation


Maximize your storage capacity and get the best use application for your individual department needs with a Mobile, Rotary, Lateral or Wire Shelving system

With many varieties of shelving and shelving accessories, you can choose the optimal shelving solution for your each of your government entity branches

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Aurora-mobile shelving_police_public safety


Secure personal items, valuables and evidence, and provide controlled access for single or multiple users

Lockers come in a variety of standard sizes and configurations designed to accommodate all spaces

Wire mesh lockers also provide a great option for when visibility yet security is needed

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Day Use Lockers-Hamilton

Weapons and Gear Storage

Specialized shelving and locker systems provide ideal solutions for weapons and evidence storage  

Choose the system that will create the most efficient and adaptable way to house all of your gear, rifles, handguns, ammo and evidence

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Stationary, Mobile, and Motorized Carts

A mobile cart provides easy transport of materials from one location to another -- there are a variety of cart styles to fit your specific needs

Customize your cart and turn it into a personal mobile workstation perfect for maintenance personnel and any department needing tools or supplies close to their project

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Freestanding Station-Rousseau

Overhead Storage

Free up your crowded storage/evidence rooms and safely and securely store bikes, light boats, garments, equipment and more in the space up above

A single machine can create up to 130 sf of storage from the unused air space between ceiling and floor

Both wall-mounted and ceiling mounted options

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Multi-bike Overhead Storage Hoist

Swiftspace Foldable Furniture

Foldable and mobile cubicles, desks, worktables, meeting rooms and private offices provide a myriad of options for government use

Where real estate is at a premium, it allows the flexibility to quickly change one space from a private office to a conference room in a matter of minutes 

Each system folds up in less than 60 seconds to 15% of it original size and rolls away easily for storage or use in another location

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Swiftspace-Mobile Office

Workbenches and Work Centers

Choose a simple workbench for an ideal personnel work surface, or

Personalize a workbench with a variety of accessories to house all your supplies and instruments within arm’s reach for the optimal work center

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Workbench with Riser-Rousseau

Wire Cages and Partitions

When visibility, light and airflow are important, but security is needed, wire cages and partitions can provide the perfect solution for off-site storage, securing data or utility areas, or any government security needs

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Wire Cage-Cash Vault Counting Center


Double or triple your floor and storage area with an elevated platform

Turn unused air overhead into storage, office or production areas without increasing your overhead

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WPSS-Mezzanine with Stairs

Modular Buildings - Clean Rooms

Clean rooms are ideal in environments where sterility and dust control is crucial.  Some features of the clean room are:

  • Modularity - giving you flexibility in design
  • Hidden in-wall air chase
  • Filtered air-return louver
  • Ducting for FFU
  • HEPA and ULPA filters
  • Single package air-conditioning
  • Sticky Mats to keep dirt and grime from entering
  • Anterooms – entrance air-lock before entering clean rooms

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Panelbuilt-Clean room

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