Weapons and Evidence Storage

Lockers and Cabinets to Keep your Weapons Safe, Secure and Protected

Choose the most efficient and adaptable way to house your tactical gear, rifles, handguns, ammo, and evidence

Secure Storage (4m 23sec)

Descriptions of lockers that meet the rigorous demands of public safety

Weapons and Ammo Lockers

Constructed with welded steel to meet the specific needs of military and law enforcement

Secure your weapons and ammo with locking doors

Protect your gear with specially adapted accessories to provide secure and safe storage for your handguns, rifles, ammo, gear and more

Weapons lockers can be customized to your meet specific agency needs

Gun Locker


  • Your weapons are secured using two points of resistance so guns won’t just fall out of weapons racks
  • Each type of weapon has its own storage location
  • Locate gear faster
  • Conduct inventories within less time and more accurately
  • Prevent loss and misplacement

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SecureIt-Weapons Storage

Rotary Shelving

Store handguns and rifles in a two-sided rotating unit with shelves or bin space for ammo and protective gear

  • *Capacity of up to 77 handguns or 10 rifles
  • 10 heights from 29 ½” to 92 ½’

*Total weapons capacity is based on actual cabinet and weapons dimensions

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Aurora-Times-2-Rotary Unit-With-Weapons

Mobile Shelving


The ideal solution when you have a large collection of weapons 

Mobile or “movable” shelving delivers high-density storage capability for weapons and evidence storage

Shelving units sit compacted together on a track, with only one aisle opening up at a time at the direction of the operator 

SecureIt-High Density Mobile Shelving


Mobile shelving is also ideal for evidence storage

High-density mobile shelving compacts your storage in less space by removing wasted aisle space used by traditional shelving

Configure the mobile units with shelves, bins, gun racks, pull-out drawers, dividers, etc to fit your storage needs

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Aurora-mobile Shelving_Evidence-Public Safety

Automated Lockers

Vertical carousels utilize overhead space (up to 30 feet) to allow a large number of lockers or shelving in less space

Lockers (or shelving) rotates on a track in a vertical loop and delivers their contents to you within arms reach

Some of the advantages are:

  • Remote monitoring of locks and report generation to ensure a secure chain of custody
  • Secure locks and password protection
  • An optional second access point to load and retrieve evidence is available

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Evidence Automated Lockers-Vidir


Refrigerated Lockers

When bio-refrigeration is needed for evidence storage, these lockers preserve and secure your evidence

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Refrigeraged Storage

Photo Gallery

Various images of weapons and evidence storage systems

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