Automated Vertical Carousel

Increase your storage capacity and recover up to 75% of your floor space

Automating your inventory will considerably improve your picking time and boost your inventory management

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Eliminate your travel and search time looking for inventory and provide ergonomic retrieval for employee safety with vertical storage

What is a Vertical Carousel?

An automated storage system that utilizes vertical space to store inventory and supplies 

Vertical Carousels are constructed with a series of carriers attached in fixed locations to a chain drive which are sent in a vertical loop around a track in forward and reverse directions, similar to a Ferris wheel, as directed by the operator with the push of a button

Items are delivered quickly to the operator at an ergonomic level, saving time, reducing labor requirements, and the risk of injury

Carousel Cut Away

Features and Benefits

  • Uses overhead space to provide automated vertical storage up to 879 feet3
  • Reduces your storage footprint, recovering up to 75% of your floor space
  • Improves productivity by automating your inventory storage and retrieval
  • Saves time on picking operations and inventory management
  • Retrieval Speed: 22 feet to 26.5 feet per minute
  • One person is able to pick the same amount as several people picking from static shelving
  • Increases safety with ergonomic storage and retrieval heights
  • Secures inventory and prevents loss/theft
Vidir Shelving Carousel
  • Built-in safety to shut down the carousel in case of emergency or obstruction
  • Emergency rotation allows access of stored products at all times, even in a power outage
  • Standard automation package or optional advanced Inventory control system with auto-retrieval that interfaces with your current system (ERP, WMS, barcode, RFID)
  • Build to fit specifications on many models
  • Open or full enclosure options
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Overall carousel load capacity:  13,000 to 39,000 lbs


Heights: 7 feet to 30 feet
Widths: 6 feet to 21 feet
Depths: 5 feet 8 inches - 6 feet 10 inches

Vidir Pan Carousel

Carrier Features

Carrier load capacities range from 750 lbs to 3,000 lbs

The carriers within a carousel unit are all uniform, however, individual carriers can be customized with dividers and partitions

The distance between carriers within a carousel unit can be customized to match your product dimensions.  Optional dividers and intermediary shelves can be added to partition the carrier to accommodate different materials.


Widths varies depending on carousel size
Heights in inches 11”, 12”, 13”
Depths in inches 15.5” 16” 16.5” 17” 18” 19”
Carousel Carriers


Carrier accessories to more easily locate adn identify your inventory include: Bins, divider labels, label holders, retainer clip, card stock label holder, labels

Pan Carrier Accessories

Carousel Applications

Vertical carousels provide multiple solutions for automated storage and retrieval operations:

  • Lockers for day use, evidence, and parcel delivery and pick up
  • Storage for hospital beds, snowmobiles, golf carts
  • Tire storage
  • Weapons storage
  • Storage for paint cans, carpet, rolled goods, textiles, hollow core and vinyl
  • Storage for small to medium size parts
  • Boxes or bins containing all types of media and archives
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Wire spools
  • Storage for garments, uniforms, costumes
Vidir Shelving Carousel

Locker Carousels

The automated package delivery locker is designed for retail “buy online pick up on site (bopos/bopis)” applications, and for parcel delivery and pick up at apartment buildings, condos, dorms and any mail center:

  • User friendly interface automatically emails or texts a unique pass code to a consumer when a package has arrived
  • All metal design, security locks and password protection keep packages safe
  • Available report generation for access logs and usage statistics
  • Utilizes overhead space (up to 30’) to allow a large number of lockers in a small space

Photo Gallery

See images of different carriers, and multiple carousel configurations designed for specific industries

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