Tool Storage Cabinets and Workbenches

Design your own personal tool storage system to fit your  needs

A variety of tool storage options, including stationary or mobile cabinets and tool carts, help you focus on the job at hand

Build your own tool cabinet or shelving system with this easy-to-use configurator

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Stationary and Mobile Cabinets

With a wide variety of dimensions, drawers, and accessories, you can design almost any mobile or stationary cabinet configuration to fit your tool storage needs

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Tool Storage Cabinets

Motorized Cabinet

Significantly reduce the physical effort and risk of injury that lugging around a cart comes with

The motorized tool cart safely transports heavy loads over long distances

It can climb slopes easily up to 6 degrees maximum

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R2V Vertical Tool Storage System

Don’t have a lot of space? By stacking vertical drawers on top of cabinets you can organize your storage and maximize the use of the height you have available


  • Vertical Drawer Widths: 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 11”, 12”
  • Housing Depths: 24”, 27”
  • Housing Widths: 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”
  • Housing Heights: 30”, 34”, 38”

R2V configurations

Rousseau_CabinetR2V_Vertical Tool Storage

R2V Drawer Features and Accessories:

  • 200 lb capacity per drawer
  • Front and rear panels with perforations for hanging tools
  • Utility panels, trays, shelves and hooks
  • Trays easily reposition (tool free) in one-inch increments
  • Magnetic dividers
  • PVC drawer liners and plastic bins
  • Optional one-drawer-at-a-time mechanism (only one drawer can be opened at a time)
  • Standard lock included on all models
  • Optional 2-user access
  • Full-extension drawers

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R2V Vertical Drawer Pullout

Tool Storage on Freestanding Panels

Using freestanding steel utility panels for easy visibility, the open gallery tool display allows you to find tools more quickly without wasting time sorting through toolboxes

Accessories to organize your tools on the utility panels are hooks, bins, utility shelves and tool holders

Configure your tool gallery with a single wall or several walls in any formation

Freestanding Utility Panels for Tool Storage

CNC Tool Storage

Central to CNC Tool Storage is the CNC Tool Rack which has perforations for:

  • Taper 30, 40, 45, 50
  • Straight ¾” to 2 ½” by ¼” increments
  • Sandvik Capto C3, C4, C5, C6, C8
  • HSK 25, 32, 40, 50 63 80 100
  • KM 32, 40, 50, 63, 80
  • VDI 30mm 40mm, 50mm
  • Non-perforated
NC Tool Holder

CNC Tool Rack Integration

Unmatched flexibility to integrate seamlessly the storage system of your choice

Integrate the CNC tool rack into any of these storage systems with tool rack adapters:

CNC Tool Rack Uses

CNC Freestanding Tool Cart

An ergonomic handle to easily maneuver

Handling tools is made easy with the 20º adaptor incline on the Freestanding Cart and Mini-Racking

Your tools won’t fall even when the rack is tilted because of maximum support and stability

Sturdy PVC extruded design can withstand blows and allows for coolant drainage, prolonging tool life

Smooth rolling polyurethane casters glide easily, even on floors with metal fragments or greasy surfaces

NC Tool Mobile Standing Station


Width Depth Height
32" 27" 41 1/4" and 59 1/4" (w/4" caster wheels)
  • The 41 ¼” height model holds 4 double adaptors, accommodating eight 30” wide tool racks
  • The 59 ¼” height model holds 6 double adaptors accommodating twelve 30” wide tool racks


Maximum load of 1,200 lbs evenly distributed

NC Tool Mobile Standing Station

CNC Tool Cart Accessories

  • LED light
  • Plastic Bin Rail
  • Document Holder
  • Shelf with or without dividers
  • Bottom Shelf
  • Wire Spool Holder
  • Aluminum Side Handle
  • Panels: Louvered or Utility
  • Plastic Bins, Hooks, and Tool Holders for Panels

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CNC Tool Cart-Accessories

Mobile Tool Carts

Roll your personalized cart with your tools and required supplies directly to your project for ready access

Personalize your portable workstation with multiple accessories in a variety of configurations to suit your needs

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Multitek Tool Cart

Rotary Storage

Rotary storage offers dual-sided rotating shelving to allow you to store more in small spaces

Rotary storage is ideal for large quantities of materials allowing you to maximize your space

The shelving can be rotated to a locked position to secure contents

Adding casters makes your rotary storage mobile, or keep it in a fixed location

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Rotary cabinet-tools-shop

Modular Drawers

The advantages of modular drawers in shelving, cabinets, and workbenches are:

  • Use every inch of storage space
  • 400 lb capacity for each sliding drawer
  • Better inventory control
  • Keeps items free of dust and debris
  • Facilitates organization of your inventory
  • Store more in less space

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Modular Drawers-foam cutouts

Automotive Service Bay Tool Storage

Automotive tool storage cabinets can:

  • Secure your tools and supplies with locking drawers and cabinets
  • Provide further workspace organization by adding a hutch above your cabinetry 
  • Allow easy access to every tool and supply needed
  • Organize your workspace for increased productivity
  • Declutter your work area

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Tool storage-automotive-Rousseau-GT_01

Automated Vertical Lifts

For high volume turnover and/or large inventory counts, vertical lifts will allow you to:

  • Recover up to 90% of your floor space
  • Improve the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of picking operations through automation
  • Achieve better control over inventory management with integrated software

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Vertical Lift Module

Tool Storage Photo Gallery

Various images and applications for tool storage

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Well-organized storage always within reach and reclaims floor space

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