Hospital Bed Lifts

Save Valuable Floor Space

Protect bed inventory and eliminate code violations caused by beds blocking corridors

The "Stack N Store" Bed Lift In Action (1m 37sec)

See how vertically stacking beds increase storage capacity

Features and Benefits

Save up to 70% of floor space per stacking unit, storing 5 beds in the space of one which increases your bed storage capacity

Help keep corridors free and clear and in compliance with Fire Marshall codes

Protects beds from getting banged into walls, door jams - especially critical for beds loaded with sensitive electronics

Optional anti-microbial paint protects against 99.9% of all common pathogens - resistant to mold, mildew, and fungus

Capacity for up to 5 hospital beds per lift

Vidir Bedlift

Promotes organization and product flow, reducing downtime

Easy to use semi-automatic system lowers and raises beds at the push of a button for easy access and storing

Both front and side load positions

The automated storage system uses the last-in, first-out configuration as an effective asset management strategy

Hospital Bed Lifts-Vidir

Bed Lift R-Series

The R-Series (Regular Duty) is designed to accept 80-90% of all hospital beds with a vertical pitch of 27”

Load capacity: 600 lbs. per position

Front loaded and can stack up to 5 beds

Bedlift R Series-compressed

Bed Lift X-Series

The X Series (Extra Capacity) is designed to store beds with a larger vertical pitch of 33”

Load capacity: 900 lbs per position

Front loaded

Vidir Bedlift X Series-compressed

Bed Lift S-Series

The S Series (Side Load) is designed to use the width of the bed requiring less floor space for loading

Ideal for spaces with unique profile and space constraints

Bedlift S-Series

Bed Lift N-Series

The N Series (Narrow) is designed specificallyf or narrower profile beds, stretchers, and operating tables

The unit width is 31.5”

Front loaded

Bedlift N-Series


Bed access can be controlled by securing your units with locking, rolling security doors

Bedlift with Tambour Doors

Bedlift Photo Gallery

Images of different bedlift units and storage setups 

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