Wire Cages, Partitions and Rack Guarding

For the Safety of  Your Warehouse Operations

Full visibility wire mesh enclosures and partitions offer security and protection just where you need it for your employees and patrons

Your Options for Wire Cages, Partitions and Guarding

Woven Wire Cages and Partitions

Woven Wire is triple crimped diamond wire mesh clinched in a C-channel constructed frame provides structurally strong, long lasting protection

Standard stock ships within 48 hours.  Standard stock is grey color in 7’, 8’ and 10’ heights

Simple bolt-thru design shared across standard height cages allow for easy installation

Unlimited configuration possibilities with the modular panel design

3 gallery-wire mesh cage


  • Panels are constructed of 10-gauge triple crimped steel wire
  • UNI-MESH design maintains a 1-1/2” diamond mesh shape consistently throughout panel
  • Panel frames are interlocked at corners with joints punched with slotted holes for easy installation
  • Each panel has a 3.7” sweep space allowing for cage housekeeping
  • Top capping channels bolt through horizontal frames providing extra rigidity
Above Mezzanine Enclosure


  • Doors come in hinged, bi-parting hinged, slide and bi-parting slide doors
  • Sliding doors are equipped with four-wheel ball bearing trolleys, enclosed track, door guide and lock keeper
  • Door panels come in a wide variety of widths, heights, and arrangements
  • Standard hinged doors are interchangeable in the field for left or right, in or out hinge and slide direction
Wire Cage-Cash Vault Counting Center


  • Corner Posts are constructed of 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” x 1/8”” thick angles for 90º angles; welded hinges are used for all corners other than 90º angles
  • 3-Way Posts have a 1-1/4” U-shaped and punched on all 3 sides to secure multiple enclosures
  • Base shoes use two ¼” diameter anchors to secure into the floor
  • Line Posts are constructed of 3 ½” x 1 ¼” channel with 4” x 7 ½” base plates for reinforcing fencing
    • Use line posts every 15 linear feet on 7’ and 8’ high systems; on 9’, 10’ and 12’ high systems, line posts are used every 10 linear feet
Wire Partitions-Corner Posts images


Wire cages avert theft of equipment, tooling, and finished goods.  It’s flexible design allows for multiple configurations to accommodate all types of spaces. Uses include:

  • Retail Storage:  Supplies and Inventory
  • Schools: Equipment storage 
  • Utilities: Interior security cages for sensitive equipment and/or utilities
  • Data Centers:  Protect your servers and networking equipment

Data Center Wire Cage-blue
  • Government:  Equipment control and inventory cages and panel screens for personnel separation
  • Warehouse:  Mezzanine enclosures, securing parts inventory, limited access to unauthorized personnel with driver cages
  • Military:  protect aircraft, equipment and personnel providing limited access to unauthorized areas
  • Residential:  Tenant storage, supply storage guard against theft of personal belongings and inventory
  • Much more: including outdoor equipment storage, hospitals and laboratories

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WIre Cage Security Enclosures

Welded Wire Mesh Partitions

Welded Wire is a 10-gauge or 6-gauge wire welded in a 2” square mesh pattern for unrivaled strength

Panels are welded into a 1-1/4” x 1/8” thick full angle frame for ultimate strength and durability

Panels come in standard one foot increments up to 10 feet wide and 5 feet high.  With its modularity, you can build cages, lockers, rack guarding or mesh infill systems.

Easy to install with universal posts, panels and simplified hardware

10-year structural warranty

Rack Safety System-Wire


  • Robotic and Machine Guarding
  • Tool Cribs
  • Distribution and Warehouses
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech and Chemical

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Storage Rack Wire Cage Guarding

Warehouse Rack Guarding

Warehouse rack guarding systems are designed to prevent products from falling off a bay of racking and landing on a passerby

Provides a hard-stop for stored material, unlike industrial netting designed to catch materials

The welded wire mesh meets the guidelines in the new ANSI MH31.1-2019 standard for strength and durability of containment panels used in material handling applications

Rack Guarding-Beastwire-compressed


Rack guarding attaches to the existing rack uprights with either a Grrripper Bracket or a fixed, flush-mount angle bracket with adjustable angle brackets and adjustable “universal” brackets, and pivot brackets for doors

The Grrripper bracket uses a proprietary drop pin that ensures the system will not disengage from the rack when installed correctly

It is the easiest and safest bracket on the market and available in 1” to 3”, 4” to 6”, and 8” to 12” offsets

Panel Brackets-Grrriper bracket

Mezzanine Guarding

A handrail system with wire mesh infill prevents projectiles and other falling objects from exiting your elevated work platform

Guarding is ideal to place at the handrail, catwalk, pallet drop area and stairwell locations

Easy install design and easily customized

Mezzanine Wire Guarding-red


Panels come standard in one-foot increments up to 10 feet wide and 5 feet high, constructed of 10-gauge wire welded in a 2 inch square mesh pattern, welded securely into a 1-1/4 inch x 1/8 inch thick angle frame

Other options are also available, including 1 inch square and 1-1/2 inch diamond 10-gauge woven wire mesh infill

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Driver Cages

Welded mesh driver cages are constructed of 10-gauge welded wire mesh and they:

  • Secure shipping and receiving docks to keep drivers and delivery personnel from wandering your facility
  • Prevent endangerment to visitors who accidentally or purposely walk into restricted work zones

Configure to any size and anchor to building walls or free standing

Open wire design eliminates need for additional lighting, HVAC, or sprinkler systems

Wire Driver Cage-orange


  • Equipped with a standard 3 foot x 7 foot single swing door with mortise style key lock
  • Factory installed service windows (for driver’s cages, tool cribs and parts room) to pass parts, tools and/or documents through for secure control
  • Optional cold, rolled sheet metal sweep guard to cover sweep space for high security applications
  • Available flex panels to fill gaps from 3 inches to 12 inches in width - perfect for areas with odd dimensions when stock/standard material is preferred
Wire Driver Cage-Blue


  • Panic-bar Door
  • Automatic Closer
  • Electronic Strike for hinge doors, panic bar hinge doors and slide doors
  • Ceilings
  • Assorted Colors (Black and Gray Standard):

Wire Mesh Colors

Drivers Cage-Guarding-(3)-compressed

Wire Storage Lockers

Wire storage lockers can be constructed in 6 or 10-gauge woven wire or welded mesh

Each tier is divided by a fully framed wire mesh shelf or an optional steel panel shelf

Panels come in standard one-foot increments up to 5 feet wide and 10 feet high 

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BeastWire-Double-Tier-Military-Wire Lockers

Photo Gallery

Various images of wire cages, wire partitions and guarding

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