Tire Storage Systems

Choose Between Automated Storage or Traditional Racks

The layout of your facility, your inventory turnover, and budget will determine, in large part, which tire storage solution best suits your facility

Automated Tire Storage (1m 58sec)

The space saving, automated features and benefits of the vertical tire carousel

Vertical Tire Carousel

Secures and organizes tire inventory by centralizing it in one location

Retrieval time is reduced significantly as tires are automatically delivered to the operator within 20-30 seconds of the push of a button 

Reduces injury by implementing ergonomics and minimizing physical requirements for handling heavy product

Prevents damage caused by stacking tires

Vidir-Vertical Tire Carousel

Up to 352 tires can be stored on a single carousel

There are 3 models designed for different size tires:  

  • Car:  28” diameter (T39), 
  • SUV:  32” diameter (T45:); and 
  • Large truck: 44” diameter (HT54)

A single carrier can store various sizes of tires, under the maximum range for that carrier

Vidir-Tire Carousel Operator

Standard Features

  • Semi-Automated Controls w/Keypad
  • 21’ per minute retrieval speed
  • Load per Carrier:  1,000 to 2,000 lbs
  • 2 Tire Dividers per carrier
  • 2” mesh guarding front and back
  • Color: White with grey interior standard
  • Built in Safety to shut carousel off
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Optional auto-retrieval software, integrates with ERP or WMS systems

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Vidir-Tire Carousel Horizontal Security Gate

Overhead Tire Storage

Free up a substantial amount of floor space by converting the unused air above into a storage area

Save time searching for inventory - easily access with the touch of a button and tires are lowered to you within arms reach

Increase employee safety by eliminating ladders and over-reaching injures

Keep your tire inventory safe and secure by storing overhead

LiftNStore-Overhead Tire Lift


Double your tire storage in the same overhead space with an over/under lift design 

  • 8 foot long unit holds 24 tires
  • 12 foot long unit holds 36 tires
  • 16 foot long unit holds 48 tires

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Over Under Tire Storage Lift

Tire Rack Storage

Easy assembly, sturdy posts, and heavy load capacities, make mini-racking, aka wide-span shelving, a great tire storage option for facilities with lower ceilings or catwalk/mezzanine applications

WPSS-Tire storage rivetier

Mini-Racking Load Capacity

The load capacity per shelf is largely dependent on the shelf dimension and gauge of steel

The overall load capacity range for mini-racking, also known as wide-span shelving, is 400 lbs to 1500 lbs. per level

Rousseau-Tire Storage Racks

Wide-Span Shelving Dimensions

Heights approx. 3 feet to 20 feet
Depths in inches 15”, 16”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 32”, 36”, 48”
Widths in inches 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”, 66”, 72”, 96”

Wide-span shelving can be stacked on top of each other using a catwalk or mezzanine system

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WPSS-Tire rivetier

Photo Gallery

Various images of Rack Tire Storage, Overhead and Vertical Tire Storage

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Video-Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions

Automated Storage and Retrieval (1m 44sec)

Maximize your warehouse storage with automated vertical storage and recover your floor space 

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Brochure-Rousseau-Automotive Storage Rack

Automotive Storage Rack

Customize your rack layout for storage of tires, bumpers, batteries, tires, hoods, boxes, etc.

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Brochure-Overhead Tire Storage

Overhead Tire Lift - LiftNStore

Utilize unused air space for secure and safe tire Storage; an automated lift delivers stored items to operator

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