Aurora-Library Shelving System

Library Shelving

With Open Display and Multiple Accessories for Easy Storage and Access of Media

4-post case-type and cantilever shelving is the preferred choice of schools, universities, law offices, and libraries

Your Library Shelving Options

4Post Case-Type Shelving

Case-type shelving is similar to closed 4-Post Divider Shelving, except that the upright has a dual wall

The dual wall prevents media from getting hidden or stuck behind the front post from the inside of the unit

Aurora-4Post Case-TypeShelving

Cantilever Shelving

Very popular in libraries, cantilever shelving is constructed with a central upright frame and shelves that hang on either side

The main difference between Case-type and Cantilever Shelving is that Cantilever units are easier to adjust than Case-Type

Cantilever Shelving-library

Options and Accessories

There are numerous accessories for library  shelving (cantilever and case-type) to accommodate library media:

  • Rollout drawers
  • Adjustable Shelves with or without adjustable dividers
  • Dividers and Book Ends
  • Pullout Reference Shelf
  • Hanging racks
  • Media Shelves 
  • Flip-up Periodical Display Shelves
  • Sloped Shelves
  • Newspaper Racks
Library Shelving

End Panel Options

For more elegant or polished look you can wrap four post shelving in steel, laminate, and Wood-Tek™  

Choose from traditional to contemporary styles


Laminate and Wood-Tek Color Options

Wood-Tek™ is available in cherry or maple in four stains: Red Cherry, Honey Cherry, Chestnut Cherry, and Natural Maple

Custom stains and woods are also available

See Wood-Tek Finishes

Aurora end panel finishes

Colors and Finishes

Steel shelving is available in 31 different custom colors to achieve the design you are looking for

The Gloss-Tek Antimicrobial™ powder coat finish incorporates antimicrobial properties that suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew and is free of formaldehyde, methanol and other solvents

See All Color Options

Aurora Color Selector_2020

Photo Gallery

Various images of library shelving

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