Modular Drawers for Shelving and Cabinets

The Ideal Storage Medium for Compacting and Organizing Space

When fully extended drawers provide a clear view of items for easy location and visual picking accuracy

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Increased Storage Density

Modular Drawers take advantage of all available vertical and horizontal space increasing storage density

2 open shelving units installed with drawers will accommodate the material of 5 shelving units with plain open shelving only

Multiple sku’s can be stored in a single drawer with labels identifying the product or part item

Modular Drawers in Shelving

Clearer Visual Picking and Accuracy

100% Full extension drawers give a clear view of all items in the drawer

In typical shelving, the only clear view are the items at the front.  When modular drawers are installed in the shelving, all items become visible - front, side and back

Having a clear visual on storage items and labeled product increases picking accuracy by up to 25%


Drawer Dimensions

Heights 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 12”, 14”
Widths Wide variety to fit in shelving and cabinets
Depths Wide variety to fit in shelving and cabinets

Article: Understanding Dimensions


  • 400 lb capacity per drawer (R-Series)
  • 100 lb capacity per drawer (L-Series)

Lifetime warranty on the drawer rolling mechanism



Choose from a variety of drawer accessories to customize your storage:

  • Front to Back and Left to Right Partitions
  • Dividers to go in between the partitions
  • Label Holders
  • Plastic bins and Conductive Plastic Bins 
  • Drawer Liners
  • Foam for Tools and Collets
  • Groove Trays (for drill bits, borers, sockets, files, etc)
  • Locking Mechanisms to stop drawer roll-out
  • Drawer Locks
Modular Drawer-Accessories

Drawer Locking Mechanisms

Patented Integrated Lock-In Mechanism:
Activates when lifting the handle up and stops drawers/roll-out shelf from opening on own

Lock-Out Mechanism:
Locks drawers/roll-out shelf in an open position

One Drawer at a Time:
The one-drawer-at-a-time mechanism allows only one drawer to be opened at a time

Drawer locks-Int Lockin-lockout Mechanism

Econo Lock-In Mechanism
Activates with right hand by thumb sliding mechanism and stops drawers/roll-out shelf from opening on their own

Drawer Locks:
Keyed lock, easy to retrofit, does not reduce drawer storage space

Electronic Locks:
Also available

Econo LockIn-Drawer Lock

Workspace Benefits

Better inventory control

Drawers keep items free of dust and debris

Drawers facilitate organization of your inventory

Drawers store more in less space, increasing your storage capacity

Modular Drawer Extended-partitions

Photo Gallery

Various images of applications for modular drawers

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