High Density Mobile Shelving

Double or Triple Your Storage Capacity in the Same Space

Mobile Shelving compacts shelving units together on a track with access provided by opening a single aisle either mechanically or electronically

Museum Case Study (1m)

How a museum solved its storage crisis using mobile shelving

Compact Your Storage and Save Space

Mobile Shelving, aka compactor shelving, is ideal for replacing stationary lateral filing systems when you need more capacity but you have no extra space to add shelving

The available existing space is compacted - meaning the storage density is increased by putting shelving on rolling carriages that compact together

Mobile shelving is well suited for high-density storage needs

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The core component of Compactor Shelving are the carriages that provide a base to house shelving, drawers, racks, racking, and/or cabinetry and multiple accessories

Carriages are installed on a level surface and glide along a rail

The patented rail design allows for heavily loaded carriages to move smoothly and securely without much effort

Mobile Shelving Carriages


The mobile system is an incredibly versatile storage system that serves as a valuable storage solution for any of these industries:

• Healthcare
• Pharmacy
• Education
• Library
• Retail
• Athletic
• Museums
• Automotive
• Industrial
• Government
• Military
• Law Enforcement
• Insurance
• Corporate
• Entertainment
• Manufacturing

Shelving Accessories

To accommodate the large variety of storage items that the mobile system is capable of storing, there are a wide range of accessories:

Tambour Doors
Rods and Bins
Weapons Racks
Aisle Labels
Hinged Doors
Reference Shelves
Garment Racks
Filing Drawers
Browser Boxes
Flat File Drawers


Mobile Shelving-Aurora

Carriage Loads

Carriage Load capacities are between 750 lbs to 1,000 lbs per carriage foot (in length)

Shelving Heights

Height: Ranges from 4 feet to 20 feet

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Safety Features

Aisle Safety Lock prevents the carriage from moving when locked

An optional mechanical safety sweep stops the carriage from moving with a quick tap of the foot

Infrared safety options stop carriage movement when a user is in an open aisle

Mobile Shelving Perforated Doors-Aurora

Design Options

End panels are available in multiple styles and colors:

  • Wood-Tek
  • Steel
  • Chain Box Cover
  • Self-Edge Laminate
  • Laminate with Composite Edge
  • Business logos can be added
    End Panel Options
Mobile Shelving with logo-Aurora


Mobile Systems are available in 29 standard colors and unlimited custom colors

Magnetic marker board overlays are also an option

See All Color Options

Mobile System color options

Modes of Operation 

  1. Manual - Push by Hand
  2. Mechanical Assist Handles enable the smooth and effortless movement of even heavily loaded carriages; gearing also allows for fewer handle turns for faster retrieval
  3. Powered Keypad for electronic movement of each shelving unit
High Density Mobile Shelving-Aurora

Mobile Shelving Photo Gallery

Images showing applications and uses for mobile systems: books, records, gear, industrial, museum storage, etc.

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