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Case Study-MM ETSU Lockers

East Tennessee University Mailroom

Intelligent lockers let students claim parcels “on-demand” and eliminate long lines

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Case Study-Biofit Cold Spring lab

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Seating for 200 researchers requiring comfort, ergonomics and spill and fluid and chemical resistant

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Case Study -Biofit Cleanroom Lab

International Eyewear Designer

Clean Room Lab Chair: The solution that promoted workplace health, safety, and ergonomics

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Case Study-Aurora-Quik Lok X2

Covenant Trust Company

Using a combination of rotary storage, mobile shelving and other storage systems, the client's varied needs were met and storage space was improved

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Case Study_Aurora Shelving Solutions

Marshall Erdman & Associates

This architect firm's needs for different shelving configurations and flexibility were met for periodical storage, binder storage, resource library, etc.

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Case Study-LA Art Gallery-High Density Shelving

LA Art Gallery

Not able to keep up with their growth, this private art gallery turned to Mobile Shelving was used to condense their storage and provide for future growth, along with library and box shelving

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Case Study-CHMC Pharmacy Labs

CHMC Pharmacy Department

This pharmacy's hygienic needs were met with marine-grade, waterproof, scratch proof counter tops and modular cabinetry providing the flexibility to change as needs change

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Case Study-Benton Museum

Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College

The overcrowding and substandard care of this college's art collections were resolved with specialized storage systems that allowed access, safe storage, and future growth

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Case Study-WPSS Multi-level Shelving

O'Reilly Auto Parts

The merger of 2 businesses and subsequent remodel required seismically sound multi-level shelving suitable for hazardous materials which was provided with custom engineered WPSS Box Shelving

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Case Study_Modula Audi

Audi-Mazuin Dealers

Handling large bulky parts requiring several people and a forklift was resolved with a Modula Vertical Lift and trolley, eliminating the forklift and reducing the manpower needed

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VIDEO-Case Study-Modula-Subaru of New England

Subaru of New England (4m 31sec)

A high volume distributor of car parts can now pick 60 orders at a with their nine (9) vertical lift module units

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Video-Case Study-Thompson Automotive

Thompson Automotive (1m 58sec)

A high-volume auto dealer operation resolved inventory control and accessibility issues with the automated vertical tire carousel

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Video-Case Study-Rotary Storage-HR Department

HR Department (54sec)

A growing HR dept condensed all of their files into Rotary Storage providing the space needed to expand

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Case Study-Aurora-Kane County Sheriff

Kane County Sheriff Department

The need for a better storage solution to secure, organize and consolidate departmental storage of weapons, evidence, records, files etc. was met with mobile and freestanding shelving systems

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Case Study-NY County Sheriff DNA

York County Sheriff's Department

The demand for an inhouse DNA testing lab was met with steel encased modular millwork.  Millwork's utility chase provided invaluable in saving demo costs to run utility lines.

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Case Study-Aurora-AF District Court

American Fork State District Court

Having outgrown their current facility, the Court's priority was to capitalize on storage and anticipate future growth in their new facility.  Their goal was achieved with Mobile Shelving.

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Case Study-Biofit-Snakeman Tattoo

Snakeman's Tattoo

Needing maneuverability and the comfort that ergonomically correct positioning would provide with long hours in a chair, this artist found Biofit's UniqueU Seating that met his demands 

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Case study-The Blood Connection

The Blood Connection Biologics

This blood processing center which supplies 70 hospitals and biotech firms globally created a new, state-of-the-art biologics processing center with Millwork's modular and flexible lab furniture allowing capacity for future growth

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Case Study-Biofit-Healthcare

A Global Medical Technology Company

This firm's technicians sit at benches assembling small medical instruments. Ergonomics and ideal postures while working was important to protect their heath and safety. The Biofit MVMT Tech Series chair was chosen to meet their needs.

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Case Study-Aurora-Northwestern University

Northwestern University

Constricted space and a unique building structure posed challenges to the library expansion into a former parking garage.  All obstacles were resolved with a mechanical assist mobile system that included variable shelving heights.

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Case Study-Aurora Mobile Shelving-Teamsters

Teamsters Headquarters

A new storage and filing system had to meet aesthetics, safety and security requirements.  The Teamsters chose the Electric Mobile System with advanced functionality with Wood-Tek end panels in cinnamon mahogany.

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Case Study-Aurora Mobile-Law Firm

Shook, Hardy & Bacon, LLP

Needing multiple filing and storage systems to accommodate all types of media and exhibits in its world headquarters equating to 9-miles of files, 15 separate mobile systems and  233,740 pounds of shelving were utilized for this high density storage project!

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