WPSS RiveTier 3 catwalk

Mezzanine and Catwalk Systems

Turn Unused Air Overhead Into Storage, Office, or Production Areas

Double or triple your floor and storage area using an elevated platform

Warehouse Shelving Systems (1m 40sec)

Maximize your efficiency and solve storage issues with shelving products and systems to benefit your operations


Double or triple your total cubic space without adding any overhead with an elevated platform

Make existing storage space more productive

Mezzanines’ modular design makes it easy to expand to meet your changing needs

Unobstructed access from all 4 sides

OSHA and UBC/BOCA approved designs

WPSS Mezzanine Stairs

Catwalk Systems

Expand your storage upward up to 3 levels as your operations grow

Grating constructed of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel for long-lasting strength

Safety-engineered to meet or surpass OSHA, BOCA and UBC requirements (including seismic)

2 or 3-level systems can be engineered with a variety of stairs, handrail, grating and other options for all ventilation, lighting and sprinkler considerations

WPSS catwalk deluxe

Platform Guarding

A handrail system with wire mesh infill prevents projectiles and other falling objects from exiting your elevated work platform

Guarding is ideal to place at the handrail, catwalk, pallet drop area, and stairwell locations

Easy install design and easily customized 


Guarding Features

Panels come standard in one-foot increments up to 10' wide and 5' high, constructed of 10-gauge wire welded in a 2" square mesh pattern, welded securely into a 1-1/4" x 1/8' thick angle frame

Other options are also available, including 1” square and 1-1/2” diamond 10-gauge woven wire mesh infill

Beastwire platform guarding-red

Photo Gallery

Various images for mezzanines, catwalks, and guarding

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