Workbenches and Work Centers

Personalize Your Work Centers For Greater Flexibility

You can house your tools and supplies within arms reach either below or above the work surface, or both, with a variety of flexible accessory options

Lab Workbench Systems (1m 5sec)

A biotech lab installs workbenches with slat railings, antistatic work surfaces, and enclosed cabinetry

Basic Workbench

Provides a work surface to facilitate your planning, assembling, refurbishing and repair of projects

The many easy-to-install accessories for the workbench allows it to evolve as your project requirements evolve

Workbenches are ideal for most commercial applications:  Automotive, Labs, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Industrial, Education, Government, Museum and Biotechnology

Basic Workbench-Rousseau


The basic workbench consists of 2 legs and a work surface with standard dimensions of:

Heights in inches 30”, 32” and 36”
Widths in inches 48”, 60”, 72”
Depths in inches 24”, 30”, 36


Workbenches can be combined for greater lengths, widths, or L-shaped formations



Leg Extensions/Caster Adapters come in 3, 6 or 9 inch extensions

Make your workbench mobile with a caster adapter (Note: casters cannot be used with a 9 inch extender)

The adapter also acts as a leg extender, increasing the standard workbench height in ½ inch increments 

Workbench Leg Adapters-Rousseau

The Adjustable Workbench

The adjustable workbench helps to maintain good posture and allows you to work standing up or sitting down

It is ergonomic and functional and height adjustable from 30” to 42”

Manual (hydraulic lift) and electric versions available:

  • Manual Load Capacity:  825 lbs
  • Electric Load Capacity:  1,125 lbs

Some models can be made mobile

Adjustable Workbench-Rousseau

Work Surfaces

Many options allow you to choose your ideal work surface:

  • Resistant Acrylic/PVC Laminate Top:  Ideal for applications using solvents, oils or other chemicals
  • Stainless Steel Top:  Use for industrial, maintenance, repair or assembly or when solvents, oils are used
  • Painted Steel Top:  Use for industrial, maintenance, repair or assembly; excellent impact resistance
  • Laminated Hardwood Top:  Use for general industrial applications, high impact resistance
  • Plastic Laminated Top:  Ideal for assembly stations, quality control and packaging
  • Dissipative Top:  For electronics tasks – inspection or assembly stations - dissipates electrical charges
Work Surfaces-Rousseau

Accessories for Below the Work Surface

Add any of these components below the work surface to personalize your workbench:

  • Sliding or adjustable keyboard tray
  • CPU holder
  • Open or Closed leg supports
  • Sliding Doors (close and secure area under work surface)
  • Power Outlet Strip
  • Front and Rear Finishing Panels
  • Packaging Shear cutter
  • Leveling Glides
  • Casters
  • Cabinets with Modular Drawers or single drawer unit
L-Shape workbench with cabinet


20 Standard Colors:

Rousseau Standard Colors



Upright Frame

Adding a Riser or Multi-Purpose Frame to your workbench: 

  • Keep your work surface free of clutter to better manage your work product
  • Expands the functions of your workbench
  • Keeps everything accessible and within arm’s reach
Above work surface-multi-frame

Accessories for Above the Work Surface

Add any of these accessories above the workbench to keep all our supplies within easy reach:

  • Riser Shelf
  • Tiltable Shelf
  • Overhead Cabinet
  • Louvered, utility or finish panels
  • Bins, hooks and tool holders
  • Plastic bin rail
  • Electronic Tablet Support
  • Computer and keyboard supports
  • LED overhead light
  • LED Magnifier light
  • Electrical outlet strips
Above work surface-accessories

Photo Gallery

Images of multiple configurations for workbenches and their accessories

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