Lab and Biotechnical Environment Storage Solutions

Customize And Personalize Your Ideal Lab and Pharmacy Space

Keep your research equipment, tools, supplies and pharmaceuticals organized and within arms reach to facilitate your workflow

Your Lab and Pharmacy Options

Furniture, workbenches, and storage for labs

Medical Labs and Pharmacies

Easily create your own technician work center that is optimized for your lab or pharmacy processing requirements

Personalize each work center in your lab with modular furniture systems

“Vertical work zones” improve comfort, visibility, and technician productivity

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White lab with Vacuum

Workbenches and Work Centers

Facilitate the planning, assembling, refurbishing and repair of your projects

Keep your tools and supplies within arm’s reach below the work surface in modular drawers or above the work surface with vertical accessory railings

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Industrial Lab workbench


Configure any space with “Lego-like” attributes for an infinite number of configurations to create your optimum workspace functionality

Boost your workflow and productivity by keeping everything you need accessible and within arm’s reach

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Modular Drawers

Modular drawers can be placed in shelving, cabinets and workbenches to gain these advantages:

  • Easy visibility with full extension drawers
  • Load capacity of 400 lbs
  • Use every inch of storage space
  • Better inventory control
  • Keeps items free of dust and debris
  • Facilitates organization of your inventor

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Rousseau-Modular Drawer in Stainless Steel Workbench

Stationary, Mobile, Motorized Carts

Protect your tools and supplies while keeping them within reach with a mobile cart

Personalize your own mini workstation with a variety of cart styles and accessories 

Reduce the injury and fatigue that comes from transporting heavy tooling and supplies 

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Freestanding and Multitek Mobile Carts-Rousseau

Cabinet Storage

Maximize your productivity and space by organizing your equipment, tools and supplies for easy access and visibility

Choose from multiple stationary, mobile or rotary style cabinets

You can configure to your exact needs with a multitude of cabinet styles and configurations from a variety of trusted manufacturers

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Aurora-pharmaceutical-rotary storage

Mobile Shelving

Double your storage capacity with high-density storage systems that optimize your space by eliminating aisles

Mobile shelving can be configured with cabinets, racks, shelving, modular drawers, custom storage or mix and match several configurations 

Easily retrieve inventory and supplies by either mechanically or electronically opening up only the one access aisle that you need

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Aurora-Mobile Shelving


Sturdy, durable, warrantied seating with the following components to choose from:

Seats shape, size and material
Arms height, width and depth or no arms
Backrest shape, size, height, tilt and material

The image to the left is a self-skinned urethane for easy cleaning.  It resists water, chemicals, paint and more.

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Biofit-UniqueU Seating

Rolling Security Doors

To prevent loss or theft, secure items stored in your cabinetry and shelving with locking Tambour doors

Secure pass-through openings with rolling shutters

Each door or shutter is custom made to fit your specifications

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Rolling security shutter

Vertical Storage

Centralize the storage of all your supplies and materials in one location with automated vertical storage

Recover up to 75-90% of your floor space with vertical automation

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Vertical Carousel-Cut Away

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