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Wire Mesh Lockers and Cages

Available In Welded Or Woven Wire Construction

Wire lockers provide security with visibility, and provide optimum circulation for air, light, and heat without obstructing fire suppression systems

Your Wire Mesh Locker Options

Wire Mesh Lockers


Woven wire is the durable standard

Welded wire provides unrivaled strength for heavy industrial, military, or guarding uses


Wire lockers come in a variety of standard sizes with single, double, or triple tier configurations

Each tier is divided by a fully framed wire mesh shelf (6-gauge welded) or an optional steel panel shelf


Steel tube rod for hanging clothing and a lockable cabinet that mounts to top or bottom of shelf

Wire Mesh Lockers-Camp Pendleton


Wire mesh lockers are modular, meaning panels come in varying standard heights, widths and depths 

Panels come in standard one-foot increments up to 5 feet wide and 10 feet high

Use panels as building blocks to mix, match and design the locker build of your choice

Widths and depths can be scaled from 3 feet to 10 feet by connecting additional panels stocked in 1 foot increments



Wire lockers are shipped taken down for easy and more cost efficient delivery

Locker doors come fully framed and pre-hung, making installation a breeze; hinges are welded to the door and its outer frame

Single tier lockers are very easy to assemble, using only one-sized carriage bolt and nut throughout the entire assembly

FL-Data Center-Wire-Cage-BLU-compressed


There are multiple applications for securing equipment for limited access or loss prevention:

  • Used by military bases worldwide for readiness gear and uniforms.
  • Tenant storage for apartments and condos.  Lockers can fit in basements, garages, and common areas.
  • Sports teams, law enforcement, and off-site storage for any facility 
Military TA-50 Woven Wire Lockers


Mesh lockers can be configured for portability by adding casters or fork pockets on a variety of locker sizes and configurations

Securely move valuable merchandise, tools, gear and other assets with a sturdy, durable wire cart

Portable storage carts are used in military, retail, warehouses, hangars, construction sites, etc.


Wire Cages

Wire cages avert the theft of equipment, data and supplies

Its flexible and modular design allows for multiple configurations to accommodate all types of spaces

Cages can be designed using either woven wire (standard) or welded mesh (for higher strength applications)

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Data Center Cage-Woven Wire Mesh

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