Art Racks and Art Storage

Maintain accessibility to storage without disturbing preservation

Upgrade from substandard storage systems and preserve your collections indefinitely with specialized art storage products


Critical Success Factor (1m)

A Museum library increased its storage capacity by 50% using high-density storage

Art Racks

Framed and any flat art can be hung securely on wire art racks with various hook attachments

Steel reinforced wire panels can be freestanding or ceiling hung and floor guided

Engineered to manage maximum art load per panel

Art Racks-Benton2 (1)

Racks are pulled or pushed with little effort and are vibration-free

With ceiling hung/floor guided racks, the load is transferred directly into the ceiling or floor via a steel support structure giving stability

StabaArte-Art Racks-CFSchaudepot


Fixed screens can be freestanding or wall-mounted to hang your art

Linking panels together helps create longer horizontal screens for hanging larger collections

Benton Museum-fixed art screens-46

Compactor Shelving

Compactor shelving systems, also known as mobile shelving, operate with carriages rolling on a track

Double or triple your storage capacity using the same space you’re currently using by compacting carriages together

An aisle-way access opens up as the operator easily moves the carriages mechanically or electronically left or right

These systems provide a very efficient high-density art storage system

Compactor Shelving-Art Storage

Mobile Shelving has a variety of uses and is able to fit a variety of storage furniture on its carriages such as:

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Flat File Cabinets

Ideal for storing matted art, prints, maps, sketches, photographs, coins and other flat artifacts:

  • 5 Drawers per unit
  • 2” drawer with 100 lb capacity
  • Stack 3-High or mount to mobile carriages
  • Easy glide drawers with dual chrome pulls
  • Option floor base
  • Standard label holders
Flat file cabinets-Benton Museum-52-compressed

Flat file cabinets are made with heavy-duty construction with ball-bearing drawer slides

Smooth drawer interiors have no catch points to harm material being stored


Widths: 41 1/2" 47 1/2" 53 1/2"
Depths: 29 1/2" 35 1/2" 41 1/2"
Heights:  15 1/2" 15 1/2" 15 1/2"

BASE OPTIONS: 4” or 20”

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Flat Files in Mobile Cabinets

Flat Tray Cabinets

For matted art or other flat objects, storage cabinets with pull out trays and cubbies offer another great option for art and artifact storage

Can be outfitted with solid or window paneled doors to protect and secure its contents

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Object Storage Cabinets

Keep your objects dust-free and secured in cabinets with panel or window doors

Customize cabinet configurations to your exact specifications

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StabaArt_Object Cabinet-open-closed-compressed

Art Storage Photo Gallery

Various images of storage systems for collections and artifacts

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Video-San Diego Archeological Museum

San Diego Archaeological Center (3m 48sec)

Using Compactor Shelving this area’s storage capacity almost tripled, providing needed storage space for this archaeological suppository

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Case Study: Benton Museum

A museum’s expansion needs met using a combination of Art Racks, Compactor and Flat File storage

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