Modular Laminate Lockers

Interchangeable, stackable parts give you the flexibility to design any space

The modular structure allows you to evolve as your needs change with the flexibility to relocate, reuse, and repurpose your locker system

Your Laminate Locker Options

Modular Laminate Lockers

Modular lockers can be moved and relocated over and over retaining their desired function and integrity

If repairs are ever needed only the damaged modular piece is removed and replaced – no need to replace an entire system

Modular Lockers carry excellent limited lifetime warranties – with some features carrying a full lifetime warranty

IOPC Day Use Locker

Colors and Design

A wide variety of designer finishes in multiple colors:
 Millwork-Color Designs

Brand your lockers with your own design or logo

Use Dry Erase for a working surface

Lockers-Hamilton 157-compressed

Interior Accessories

Design the interior to fit your specific needs with:

  • Hooks
  • Rods
  • Shelves
  • Storage Bays
  • Charge Ports
  • Drawers
  • External Benches


Modular Millwork design features:

  • A full ¾” thick solid back gives stability and secure locker anchoring
  • Dual sided laminates are warrantied for life against delamination
  • 3mm thick edges to ensure durability with use and abuse and multiple relocations
  • Concealed base levelers
  • Self-closing/non-drift hinges – lifetime warranted
IOPC_Laminate Lockers

Dimensions and Configurations

Modular locker units are constructed in many standard sizes which accommodate thousands of configurations - truly a product that can be configured to fit almost any space

Standard general dimensions per unit are: 

Heights Up to 72 inches
Widths Up to 24 inches
Depths Up to 30 inches

However, if you need more flexibility it is easily accommodated



Modular Laminate lockers can be utilized for day use lockers, smart lockers, athletic and gym lockers, eletronic parcel lockers, office and school use lockers, and more

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IOPC Laminate Lockers

Smart Parcel Lockers

Instantly alert your residents or patrons that a package has been delivered with a simple text or email alert

Your resident or patron can easily enter an access code or scan their QR code to the “smart” interface and the parcel locker pops open

Smart lockers are ideal for colleges, dorms and any mail room facility

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IOPC_Parcel lockers

Photo Gallery

Various images of laminate locker configurations

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