Why Would I Want the Benefits of a Vertical Carousel?

by Scott Olpin, on March 3, 2022

The short answer is: You wouldn’t want the benefits, unless you’re interested in reduced overhead, more efficient operations, better inventory management, and increased employee safety.

But as a successful business leader, you do want all those good things. Here’s how a vertical storage carousel makes it possible:

  1. Use Overhead Space to Reduce Overhead Costs Most storage systems make great use of horizontal space, but a vertical carousel takes advantage of overhead space to reduce your overall storage footprint by as much as 75%. If you want to cut your real estate costs, reclaim the unused air space in your building and shrink your storage area.
  2. Increase Operational Throughput and Productivity to Increase Profits Materials, tools, and goods are immediately accessible on a vertical carousel; no more time-consuming trips across the warehouse to retrieve rolled or boxed materials, or stored products. Manufacturing becomes more efficient and retail deliveries are faster – less time, more productivity.
  3. Improve Safety and Security to Manage Insurance Costs Vertical carousels enhance your safety protocols. They bring products to workers – no lifting or crushing injuries. Your insurance premiums don’t take a hit from on-the-job injuries. And security features protect your inventory from picking errors, mismanagement, and pilferage. Your replacement costs and insurance costs are kept in check.
  4. Customize Your Storage to Fit Your Business Many storage solutions are one size fits some – but maybe not you. Vertical storage can be configured and customized to the unique needs of your operations. When your workflow doesn’t have to adapt to your storage systems, your business stays productive. Carousels are suited to industry sectors as diverse as retail, healthcare, research, and manufacturing.

All those benefits add up to enhance your enterprise’s bottom line in a positive way. So the real question is: Why wouldn’t you want the benefits of vertical storage?